Sunday, May 24, 2009

2nd Attempt

Heres my second attempt at trying to make a normal entry. My weekend has been pretty nice, altho I haven't been doing much. But sometimes thats excatly what you need. Some straight up rest and relaxation. I've been playing games or trying to. I wanted so bad to play "The Legend of Crystal Valley" on my emachines game console, but I got stuck on a puzzle. My brother suggested that I go online and look up the walkthru for the game. So I did that and was able to finish the puzzle. But then I got stuck again at another part. Instead of trying to tough it out and figure it out on my own, I had the bright idea to log on and look at the walk thru again. Well, apparently the game didnt like that cuz it cut off on me and wouldn't play anymore. I was so pissed cuz its such a cool game and I hardly got anywhere on it. So I started to look up other game sites to see if maybe I could download the game from somewhere else. I found one..on big fish games, but do you know that they only have it as a demo so I still wasnt able to go anywhere on it. Sucks. Usually on Big Fish they at least let you play for 60 minutes before they cut you off but not this game. Im still unhappy about it. But what can you do. I also played "Cate West:The Velvet Keys" and Hidden in Time: Mirror, mirror", both for 60 minutes. I really hated for the Cat West game to end. It was so cool. Today I also played "Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" which is really cute. I was able to finish it on Emachines. Now Im currently loading "Spirit of Wandering-The Legend" on emachines and "Redrum" on Big Fish. Hmm, whatelse have I been doing? Reading...oh, last night me and Junior watched "My Bloody Valentine 3D". It was pretty good. I just wish more of it was in your face 3D. I may have jumped about 3 times, thinking something was coming at me. I talked to Paul for awhile on Friday. Talked to him um..three times yesterday. Why isn't there anything on tv anymore? I gotta stop eating so much. Ok, I think I said enough for today. If you have time stop in and read my story journal please!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feeling weird about writing

Well Im having a hard time coming up with anything to write anymore. But I want to try. it might take me some time to get back into it. It feels weird even now typing an entry. I feel sort of anxious. Its not a good feeling. A writing in here used to be one of my most favorite things to do. I went from writing in here every day, to every other day, to barely at all. I guess this is it for now. Gonna watch "Joy Ride 2".

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Writers Plea

Hello everyone. Im in need of a favor. Maybe you dont want to do me a favor, lol. If you dont, its ok. But if you'd like to help, it would really make me happy. So I will say pretty please with a strawberry on top. I put strawberry cuz I dont like cherries. Anywho, on to the favor. I have seriously lost my inspiration to write. Hence, the lack of recent entries. I have nothing exciting in my life to write about, besides the fact that Im in love...but who wants to read about lovie dovie stuff? Wouldn't want to bore anyone with that..and Im so tired of writing about my job. When I leave that place I would prefer to leave that all behind anyway. But what I really miss is writing my stories. I know most of you probably havent read my story journal, and if you have maybe you didnt like it..but um..where was I going with this. Crap...let me make this short..or um shorter. If you could go to my story journal and read the last dont have to read the whole thing but at least the last two chapters..and let me know what you think should happen next. I am so stuck on where to go next..and an idea or two on where I could go with it might help. Im really itching to end this story. Its already long enough as it is...but I dont want to just throw a lame ending together just to be done with it. I really love the story and Im proud of how far I was able to go with it but Im starting to feel like ive reached the end of the rope on this one. So any ideas? would be nice. Im very close to just not finishing the thing..which I really dont want to leave another story unfinished. Im leaving the link to my story journal at the end of this entry. I really hope someone can give me at least one of two ideas to work with. This is truely life or death for this story because I have already started a new story that I am very excited about getting into. If I dont come up with something soon..this story might not be finished at all. Im already on chapter 3 on this other story so I really want this other story to end one way or another. Please help.