Saturday, December 27, 2008


I ended up sleeping today longer than I planned so I woke up with that "too much sleep" headache". Im hoping it would just go away but I might have to break down and take some medicine. Plus my allergies have been acting up so I might have to take some allergy meds. I went to Roses today with my mom. I got some envelopes, bubble bath, allergy medicine, deoderant, batteries, kleenex, junk food, hawaiian punch, and socks. Im constantly trying to get my mom to come out of the store because the longer I stay in there, the more stuff I pick up. And I told her I know she's trying to spend every last bit of her money but Im not trying to spend all of mine. Im sitting here trying to watch some tapes. Because of the holiday I wont get another movie until Tuesday, I usually get one on saturday. Hopefully I can watch the new Batman movie. My brothers had it for awhile and Ive seen it at the theather when it came out but I want to see it again. While I was walking around the store I hear some man telling a boy to take his pants off to try another pair on. I mean right there in the middle of the store and talking all loud too. I didnt even turn around to look to see who it was. I felt embarrassed for whoever the little boy is. Then these other people were yelling back and forth across the store at eachother. So weird, you just cant take some people outside..I mean if someone is way across on the other end of the store, you need to go over to where they are, or wait for them to come to you. If someone yells at me from across the store I ignore them, lol.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

I did go to my grandmas house for breakfast. They were suppose to be ready at 10, we got there about 10:30 and they hadnt even started cooking yet. So we were up there just sitting for an hour...ate...finally then sat some more for way too long. We didn't leave until 1:00p.m. Then we went over to my grannies house. Thankfully we didnt stay over there as long. We had to stand outside because she has so much stuff in her house its hardly any room to move around. She gave my brother a nice dark green jacket and me a cute purple hoodie..I love how its all soft and furry on the inside. It started to rain a little so I had to use my present. We were going to stop by where my moms sister Pat is staying but my dad couldnt find it so we ended up just going back home. Im tired and sleepy. I guess because I didnt get much sleep. I didnt go to bed until about 4am and I been up since 9 this morning. I really didnt want to get up. Oh just in case anyone was wondering what all I got, my mom gave me a pair of pajama pants, a shirt, and she bought me a cute hand bag. My brother bought me a book by one of my favorite authors. And I got myself a dvd/vcr player but I cant even use it yet cuz its gotta have something extra to it. My brother has to take his back tomorrow so hes gonna see if he can find what we have to have for it and get it for us and if he does i'll have to pay him back when I get some money. I hope he can find it tho. I seriously dont want to have to deal with the holiday returns line. I bought myself some other things too but I dont want to bore anyone with the details. It was stuff I needed tho. Oh and I was real surprised at the gift boss lady gave everybody. She got all of us a Christmas shirt, a ornament with our name on it and a pair of earrings with our birthstones on it. I guess she does have a heart. It was really nice tho. Whatelse..oh and I got cookies, something you drop in your bath water and candy from a few teachers. I also got myself a book bag pocket book...that was actually the one thing I didnt need but I couldnt help myself. I should never go in the sections with the pocket books and handbags. There were two I couldnt choose between so I was just walking round the store with them, then my mom told me she would get one for me, I was so happy. I have an illness. My mom made mac and cheese this year, yay! I can never get her to make it cuz shes always saying cheese is too expensive. But my granny (her mom) gave her some cheese so she could make sweet. I love cheese but it dont love me. Anywho..Im waiting on my coke to chill..I'll give it about 15 more minutes and Im breaking that bad boy open.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Im very sleepy and I dont know why. I haven't done much today, just the collard greens. All the heat from the kitchen is making it hot in here. Theres some good movies I want to see when they come out but I will be waiting for dvd. I want to see "The Spirit", The Watchmen", "The Unborn", "My Bloody Valentine 3D". Its a few others too but I cant think of them at the moment. I got a movie from netflix today "Never back down". I hope its a good movie. But anyway, nothing much to write about right now...tomorrow morning sometime I will be going over to my grandmas house for breakfast, after we leave there we are suppose to go see my granny. I'll definately be back sometime tomorrow to update.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Today me and my mom went to walmart to do some Christmas shopping. Im finished now, except I have to get one more thing. I have to go get my moms phone from the mall this coming Monday. Its crazy how walking around the store for hours can make you tired. I spend way more than I planned. Thats one reason why I dont like staying in a store too long, the longer I stay, the more I buy. If I make myself go in, and pick up a few things and come right out (which is what I usually do) I dont spend too much. But since my mom was there shopping too I had to wait on her and she can never go in a come right back out. I weird, I kind of felt bad for spending so much even tho most of it was stuff I really needed anyway. Im glad I got it done.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more day

Its been a long week. today at work has been one of those days. Alot of those teachers are so hateful and ungrateful its sad. They make a big deal out of nothing, but you know that there always has to be a trouble maker in the bunch. Were down another person. We already been short one person for months cuz the lady broke her arm or something. I dont even think she is coming back. Now they told another lady that she cant come back until she has something done to her hand. I never even looked at her hands but they said that she doesnt have any nails on her fingers, just fungus. Thats so gross! So she wont be back until she gets that taken care of. Who knows how long that will take. Ugh, its always something. And they wont send us anymore help. Im so glad tomorrow is the last day.


Yesterday was crappy. My eyes still feel weird. I dont even know how to begin to explain how they feel. Maybe its from being tired and sleepy. Anyway, I want to just go back to bed, but i might as well just go ahead and get these last two days over with. Lastnight me and my brother watched "The Happening". Weird movie..but aren't all M. Night Shamalayn movies. The sad part is I had forgotten it was one of his movies and when it came on and his name came up I was like "M. Night Shamalayn, Oh No! was too late then. It wasnt too bad tho, just weird. I can deal with weird. Anyway, gotta get ready for work. I'll try to update later if I can. 2 more days!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday...come and gone

Today is my moms birthday...well it was, being its after 12am, well anyway, after work I went home and a little while later, me, my mom and brother walked to the bus stop. Got down to the bus terminal and realized we had to waitl a hour and 10 minutes to catch the next bus, might as well had stayed home, waited and caught a later bus. When the bus finally did come the man dropped off the people that were already on the bus and said he had to go get gas and took off. Took him 20 freakin minutes to get back, so we ended up being late for the movie we were planning on seeing which was, "The day the earth stood still", instead we ended up seeing "Transpoter 3", which was really good. Afterwards we went to chic-fila to eat dinner. Later tonight we had birthday cake, everybody else had icecream, I skipped it cuz I had already had icecream at chic-fila and Im not pushing it. Im lactose intolerant so I can only eat so much icecream or I'll be in pain. My mom had a good birthday and thats all that matters. Im tired. I feel like I just got home and its time to go to bed already, and I still have to wash dishes. 3 more days to go.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Miserable Monday

Today hasnt been all that great. I've been having allergy attacks all day. I came home to get my brother cuz he said he would go with me when I went to cash my check cuz he had to go to. I thought he had to go to the same place as me but he went to his bank, so we walked together most of the way, split up and met back up when we finished. I had to go cash my check I got from the court. I wasnt happy having to go cash a check cuz I had a feeling I was gonna have some sort of trouble with it but im glad she ended up cashing it. Thats why from now on whenever I can I'll just have my money go to direct deposit so I dont have to worry about check cashing problems. Anyway, had to cross the highway, which I hate doing...went to the bank..went to Roses, got a few things, then back across the highway to get money orders. I should have gotten my cokes while I was there but I was thinking its cheaper to get them from georges, freakin can cokes up there cost 80 cent and a 20 oz is 1.25. But I forgot that George is closed on Mondays. I ended up coming home and just crawling in bed and passing out. Not sure how long I slept but I slept for awhile..lets put it this way, it was day light when I laid down and it was dark out when I woke up. Later George called to tell us he was gonna open up in 2 hours. So my mom ended up going down there to get cokes for us when she got back from shopping. Her birthday is tomorrow, she went and spent almost all of her money. Silly goose, doesnt she know you never take all your money with you when you go shopping. I always try to take some and leave the rest at home if I have cash. I try not to use my debit card unless its an emergency. That way I know I always have money in the bank if I really need it. Ok, this is getting a bit long winded...where was I? I dont even know..and Im too tired to figure it out. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Nothing much has been going on with me today. I slept part of the day. Partly because im still tired and sleepy. The other part is because my allergies started up so I had to take some medicine. Its had me a bit irritable cuz I wasnt able to sleep it off like I needed to. I slept a little on and off but it wasnt enough. I got this movie in from Netflix called "Stomp the yard". I really hope its a good movie. I guess Im gonna go look at that now..nothing else to do.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Update of the Latest

I guess I should probably update on lastnight. My mom ended up coming home at 2a.m. 2:09a.m. exactly when she started banging on the door. We all run to the door and ask her what happened and where she's been and she just keeps walking thru the house. So I ask her whats wrong but she wont say anything to me she just keeps walking around the house and then she goes into the bathroom, closes and locks the door. So Im just like...what did I do? I've been sitting here for hours worried about her cuz people are constantly calling asking me where she is, putting all these thoughts in my head saying something bad could have happened and somebody could have snatched her up. And she cant even say anything when I ask her a question. By then I was just...I dont even know the words, me and my brother just stood there looking at eachother like..why is she acting that way with us. I know she's mad at her husband but that dont mean you take it out on us. So I just get in bed and try to sleep. After I get in bed she comes in my room and gives me a hug and tells me shes sorry and shes not mad at me, that shes just mad at my dad...well I already knew that much but she didnt have to act that way with me and my brother when we were just worried and wanted to know what was going on. So anyway, I couldn't go to sleep for a long while my head was spinning and my whole body was wired, its like I was just a ball of nerves so I just laid there, twisted and turned until I feel asleep. Cant tell you when that was tho, but I was so tired and sleepy when I woke up this morning. This whole week has been a mess. Im tired mentally and physically. *Sigh* What I was going to write about yesterday was how yesterday started out all wrong..I guess its only fitting that it ended badly too. I woke up and realized the cat had threw up on my bed and I had rolled over in leg anyway. I didnt know what it was at first, I just felt something wet on my leg. I got out of the bed and realized she had threw up on the floor do I know? Cuz I stepped right in it. So I ended up having to clean all of that up and change clothes and all that junk...slept 30 minutes later that I should have after I finished cuz I was so tired and sleepy. I was not happy at all. Oh and wednesday night I watched this movie called "Alpha Dog". Straight crap! I believe the man who wrote it is racist cuz I heard one too many racial slurs and I cant stand that mess. Nothing but cursing the whole time...I mean I can deal with cursing, I hear it all the time, it doesnt bother me, but when every other word is a curse word, thats too much. Its way too many words in the english language to write a script with that many curse words in it..ok we get it, you like to cuss...can we move it along? K, so I guess thats it for now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Loosing my mind

Ok, im stressed. My mom went to church earlier and she called home for my dad to come pick her up, I dont know exactly what happened with that but he never went to pick her up. His side of the story is that he just told her that he might as well come get her now cuz by the time he get there church will be over with and he says she got mad at said she'll get the pastors wife to take her home. First that dont sound right. Second, I know how his is, most likely this is how it went down. She asked him to come get her, he got an attitude with her like he always does when he dont want to do something for somebody and she got mad and decided she didnt want him to come and get her, like she always does. The pastors wife said she offered her a ride but she said she'd call for a ride. Im trying to figure out why she didnt accept the ride. Im thinking the lady must have said something to make her mad or hurt her feelings, thats the only reason why she'd turn down an offer for a ride. So anyway, the pastors wife has called me 4 times and her husband called here once. The last time she called she tells me that her husband is out riding round looking for her and so is the secretary and the deacons from the church. They got a freakin search party out looking for this woman. If she's out there walking thats a long walk. I hope nothings happened to her. She needs to hurry up and get here before I loose my mind. I know im not gonna be able to sleep until she gets home.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy Day

I went back to work today. It was ok. Everybody seemed like they was happy I was back. I know they talked about me like a dog while I was gone. I know they were only happy that I was there so they wouldn't have to do as much work. Hopefully tomorrow will go by fast cuz they have alot of those pre-packed salads as the second choice. When we have alot of those it saves me alot of work in the dishroom cuz I dont have as many dishes to wash. Its been raining all day today and I had to dump trash in the rain and walk home in the rain. I heard its suppose to rain all day tomorrow too. I wish I would at least wait til I get home. I dont want to get sick again. I was gonna try to take a nap today but didn't. I got the movie "Alpha Dog" in the mail from netflix today. I'll be watching by myself cuz my brother just refuses to watch it. He's nuts!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Adding a little more..

I got the $10 my brother owed me. I just hope they have some change at the snack shop. My mom let me have her headphones and I asked her for her batteries and told her Id get her some more later. So my music is set for tomorrow. I could hardly sleep lastnight, I kept waking up, and it was so cold. I left the heat on when I went to bed but my dad always gets up and turns it off. Oh yeah I called the number and I actually have to be there at 8:45am instead of 9:00am. I've had a headache all day. I took a pain pill and its finally went away. Didn't want to have to wash the dishes but couldn't get lemon head to do it cuz she said her head hurts. So I think Im just gonna take my crazy butt to bed and hope that I can sleep better tonight. Oh, and I finally got all my letters together.

Adding on a litle

I have to call this number after 5:30 to make sure I still have to go in tomorrow at 9 but Im sure that wont change. Then Im gonna have to call my boss and tell her I wont be coming in tomorrow either. My mom cooked steak and baked potato's and corn bread today. It was so good, plus I was really hungry. One good thing tho, I was able to finally read my book "Pleasures". I need to make sure I remind junior to give me the $10 he owes me so I can get lunch tomorrow. Cuz if I end up on a trial tomorrow then i'll be there even longer than I was today. You know the sad thing is, they same we might have to be there the whole week, Monday thru Friday. Dang, I hope it dont last that long. Oh and where I was getting ready to leave I got mixed up and couldn't figure out how to get out..I suck. My mom is gone to the store, shes suppose to bring me some envelopes back, I hope she dont forget. Ok, I think thats it, I have a headache so Im gonna lay down for awhile.

A Mess of a Day

Well today started out all wrong. I went down to the bus stop...I know I was on time, but the bus never showed. I waited out there 30 minutes.I dont know if it came early or if it just didnt show up. My brother who is a regular bus rider says that sometimes they just dont show up. Just peachy! So I had to walk down town, never mind walking, I had to speed walk the whole way there and in my hurried frustrated hast to get a move on, I accidently went the wrong way and ended up having to circle back. Scared that I might end up being late I put on double speed, going as fast as I could. My stupid cd player that has been playing for me so nicely up until now decided it wanted to die on me. So I had to speed race in the cold all the way down town, with no music. Ugh! Can you believe I actually made it on time...oh, not only on time I got there 30 minutes about speed walking. So anyway I make it there and they go thru roll call and then I had to sit thru a long winded orientations. The clerk making jokes here and there that was mostly lost on me cuz I wasnt in the mood. Well, then comes the part when people come up with all kinds of excuses why they cant be there. Me, being I have no kids, noone I have to take care, nowhere important I have to be, Im not in school, not sick, disable or old...had no excuse. And I wasnt about to make up a lie. Some alot of people were able to get off without having to serve, others was dismissed for now but was told they will be called again in a few months. I was so sick of the excuses. I mean some people do have legitamate reasons but I believe some of them was just lying. But thats something they have to deal with. Anyway, they separated us in to groups. I ended up in the last group. There calling us "Group 2"..the other groups left I think about 2 other groups left to go to the court room, but we were just sitting around waiting all day. One girl that was in my group, just happened to be sitting beside me, yay! not! Was talking almost the whole time on her cell phone (loud talking) and she has an annoying voice too which made it worse. Part of the time she was eating and talking at the same time. Almost made me sick to my stomach. Had the nerve to be talking about Ky jelly and putting it on the clit and the mans "thang", thats the word she used, lol. And talking bout they tried anal...I dont want to know all that, keep that mess to urself. Then want to sit and ask me questions about what we have to do. When we had our break..which was about a hour and fourty five minutes. I went outside at first, dont ask me why, my brain has not been working properly since I missed the bus, early I thought I had lost a dollar but it was hidden in a crevice in my brother jacket, yes I snatched it this morning cuz my hoody is kinda think and it was 20 something degrees out this morning. So anyway I went back in and went to the snack bar. Since I didn't catch the bus I ended up using my bus money to buy something to eat. I didn't get much, just some peanuts and a small bag of doritos and a 20 coke. The ended up finally letting us go hours later cuz they settle the case out of court..but, we still have to go back tomorrow. :( At 9. I had to be there today at 8:30 but ended up getting there at 8. I tryed to call home but my phone went dead. Figures. My cd player managed to come back to life but I still couldn't listen to it cuz my ear phones stopped working! Ugh..See why I was dreading today? I could feel it in the ether! And Im so freakin hungry, I have a headache on top of that, and Im so tired...all that walking, I walked back home too. I plan to walk back down tomorrow but hopefully it wont be so bad since I know to leave early enough so I wont have to rush.