Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm so glad that today is friday, sure did take long enough
After work I went to get some money orders, then came home
went to George's know I had to have my cokes
I got a free tote bag in the mail today
I been trying to watch "Twilight" trailers but I cant seem to find one besides the one
Just a bunch of home made stuff...I dont want that
I couldn't even eat my dinner cuz the tuna fish was spoiled...just bought it today
I need some musical inspiration...I want to write a poem
Maybe another day..I dont really feel a poem in me today... just never know
I did get me some chocolate tho. I just meant I was gonna have some
Was craving it since yesterday
Anyway...I feel...void of something at the moment...dont know what
Weird..I know

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Again with the Sickness

This is my attempt at a journal entry
I wanted to write one yesterday but I felt sick all day..went to bed early
Was coughing all day yesterday...throat scratchy
Im thinking...another cold? I dont know
Today, been coughing...coughing up blood and cold much so im confused
not sure if its the result or a cold or my allergies
So I took allergy meds, didnt seem to be helping
Not sure how much I've taken
And now..I have a bad I just popped two advils
I came home from work today and slept for 2 hours
Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forgot to mention..

I hate to work late today. Mighty funny all of a sudden we can work late, but they want to always say we cant have over time. I really hope she wont start that mess tomorrow saying that I have to stay on my break longer. I mean I have no problem having a longer break but then they throws me behind in the dishroom. Them teachers wont wait, they send them kids right on up to the window wether im in there or not and let them pile right up. And they all want to bring all of their classes up at once, so once it starts piling up its hard to catch up until I can finally get a break in between classes, plus I gotta keep changing out garbage bags and trying to find time to run out to the dumpster to empty the trash and wash the dishes and stack them up so they'll have clean dishes for the serving line. Im pretty fast so it dont take me all that long to catch up, but dang..that mess wears me out and I dont like to rush. Im a fast pace person on a normal level anyway so for me to need them to slow up, means its too much too fast. I never claimed to be Super woman or the energizer bunny but they seem to think so. The site manager Mrs. Tuts (toots) was there watching us today. She told our manager to tell me I have to put lime-away in the dish machine every friday. Yet another thing to add of my list of things to do, I hope I can remember. Once I get the hang of it, Im fine but all there years nobody told me I was suppose to do that every week. But everytime she comes in there she always changing up stuff. I guess she's just doing her job, but dang it seems like her job is to give me extra stuff to do, like I dont have enough to do. Fancy keeps asking me if Im still coming to her birthday party. I already told her yeah, as long as Stacy picks me up cuz I have no other way to get there. Now I have to try to find a freakin gift. Honestly I dont like shopping for people, specially people I dont know. People are so picky and Im just like..I mean I feel like its the thought that count. How are you gonna complain about a gift someone gives you when they didnt have to give you anything to begin with? If you dont want it give it back. But anyway..its fun shopping for people who I know will be happy with whatever I get them. I know few people like that. Theres two people I know of that I can buy them anything and they'll be happy. My dad use to be that way but he done changed..I dont know what his problem is. Basically Ive just started giving money as gifts, I mean who doesn't like money? But I know people who would complain about the amount you gave them..those types you just cant please, anyway, Im thinking im just gonna buy a card and stick some cash in it and Im done. Oh wow, I just saw the preview for "Twilight", for the first time. And it comes out November 21st so I can definately see it on my birthday, yay! Im so obsessed with the characters Bella and Edward. I feel like I can relate some what to their relationship...not the vampire-human part no, but I've always had a vampire fantasy...yeah Im not gonna get into that but Im so exicted now! I know...doesn't take much.

Feeling Sluggish

Well that time came around today, I knew it was coming. I was in pain part of the day but thankfully it wasnt too bad. Now my whole body just feels bloated and fatigued. Finally got the heater in my room lit so at least Im warm now. Earlier my hands were so cold I could hardly write and my feet were cold too even tho I have on socks. Gotta watch "House" and "Fringe" tonight. And I got me some cokes, yay!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bloody Monday

I feel so exhausted..I went to work, then after work came home and washed clothes and then cleaned up. Work wasnt too bad, my stomach has just been bothering me all morning and I keep having to run back and forth to the bathroom. Were having steak for dinner, rice and gravy and cornbread. Man, it smells so good. I'm ready to eat, its not getting done fast enough for me. The wind is blowing so hard outside and its cold. I feel like that time of the month is creeping up..ugh..why! Im not ready yet. I wish it would hold off during the weekend, that way if Im in pain I can just lay in bed. I still need to clean out the cats liter box but I dont feel like getting up. Anybody watching "Heroes" or "My own worst enemy" tonight?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Quick Weekend

Well, I had done a journal entry earlier, but I lost it. I had to restart because my pages weren't loading and I forgot to freakin save it. So anyway, this will probably be alot shorter because its late, I still need to wash dishes and I cant remember everything I wrote. But this weekend was nice, it just went by way too quick. I wish I had another day to rest. Im going to try my best not to let anything frustrate me tomorrow. Wish me luck. I went to blockbusters and took that movie back. I got another week before I get paid again, and Im broke already, besides the money I have in the bank which Im trying not to touch because im gonna need it the next two months for birthdays and Christmas. So anyway, thats it for now, wish me luck for tomorrow. Oh and everynow and then I might be using tags that dont match the season but sometimes I dont get to use them all up in time and I still want to use them so I just put them in there. :) My mouth is so dry but I dont want to drink anything because I have to keep getting up at night to run to the bathroom and its annoying.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movie and Stuff

Well...I have a headache...again. I had one early and took something, so I dont really want to take anymore. I think Im gonna hold off and see if it will go away on its on. I watched the movie called "Room 205" today. Its one of those 8 Ghost House movies. It was interesting. Its about these people staying in this place...seems like dorm rooms or something, anyway, a woman tortured and raped in one of the rooms and ended up dying in front of the mirror, so her soul was trapped inside the mirror and when it broke, it released her spirit and she went on a killing spree. It was interesting. Not scary or anything unless your just really squimish, but it holds your interest. I was a little distracted at first tho because it looked like they did voice overs...lips didnt match the word type thing. But after awhile I stopped noticing it as much. earlier today I went to Blockbuster to rent "The Incredible Hulk". I guess I might watch it again, I already saw it in the theather when it first came out. My dad wanted to rent it so I went and got it. Then I went to Roses. My folks are a trip. My mom was saying she wanted Fig nutons and honey buns and my dad was suppose to give me the money to get it, then when I get in the truck he says he's not getting anything. Sends me in the store with $1.98 to get toilet paper but their wasnt any lower than 3 dollars and something, so I ended up coming back with nothing but a movie. You know she fussed about it but..he dont care. And I just want to be left out of it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday

Im so glad its Friday and the work day is over with. Its been raining hard all day long. I had to walk to work in the rain and empty trash in the rain. Some peoples power went out over this way but thankfully ours didn't. Today would have been a great day to sleep in. If it does rain anymore this weekend at least I dont have to get up early and get out in it. Ghost whisper comes on tonight. Fancy gave me a invitation to her Birthday party today. Its a tree down in the road over this way. I like Beyonce's new song "Single Ladies". I still haven't gotten my voice all the way back. I guess because Im still coughing, who knows.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Smallville & SuperNatural

Im about to get ready to watch Smallville..after that SuperNatural. I haven't been drinking anything except juice all week, Im about to attempt to drink a coke...I hope my throat doesnt fold in. Im so glad that tomorrow is Friday! Its cool how photobucket lets you add themes now. Too cute. I watched that Japanese version of "Dark Water" lastnight. It was good. Its sad how it ended. Its been so long since I saw the Amercian version that its kinda fuzzy what happened in it. Anyway...back to the show.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, I just wanted to stop in to say that I'm finally starting to feel better. Hopefully soon I'll be back to posting regular entries. All Ive been doing this week is working and sleeping so Im still trying to get my energy back. But just in case anyone was wondering, Im on my way back to recovery.I hope everyone else is having a great week.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This will pretty much be another short entry. Only because I dont feel good. Yep, Im sick. Dont know how..maybe it was because I walked to the bathroom bathfoot yesterday, but that wasnt long tho, I dont know, maybe I wasnt sleeping with enough cover on me. Either way, Im weak, my throat doesn't feel so good, and Im cold..and I feel like a headache is creeping up. I guess Im not as sick as I could be which Im thankful for cuz I only threw up once and that was earlier today. I've been able to keep my food down since then, plus Im able to drink. Most times when Im sick I cant keep anything down and I cant drink anything cuz my throat is so sore. My thorat felt really bad earlier today but as the day went on its started to feel better. I really hope its just a 24 hour thing and I'll feel 100 % better in the morning. I've been laying down on and off and took a nap a little while ago. I had taken some allergy medicine cuz I was sneezing, surprisingly it stopped the sneezing but I didnt get sleepy at all. For awhile I kept laying down but couldn't sleep. But finally I did eventually drift off. I think Im gonna lay down again for awhile..for now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still Tired & Sleepy

Can you believe that Im still sleepy. I slept well lastnight but I guess I could have slept more. It rained a good bit last night, so now its cold in here. The weather has definately been switching up because all day yesterday it was hot until it started raining that night. Im on my last tape now. For some reason I didnt have many this time around. My letters are piling up again. Im gonna try to catch up sometime between today and tomorrow. Um...I guess thats it for now.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Im so glad today is friday. Its raining. Glad it waited to late to do that. I just finished eating pizza for dinner, now im stuffed. I watched the movie "Cello" with my brother lastnight, it was good. Confused me at the end tho. I need to go rearranged my que on netflix. Because of the holiday Monday I wasnt able to get but one movie this week. I started reading "New Moon". I got 4 letters in the mail today. They pile up quick. I got some more address labels in the mail too. I have a good bit of those now. Thankfully I haven't had to buy any in awhile. I'm starting to get sleepy but I doubt I'll be going to sleep anytime soon. Why? Um..because Im hopelessly looney.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

In need of some energy

Im so exhausted. But I wanted to go ahead and try to do a quick entry before I loose the will power. Yesterday I got paid so Im glad Im not broke. Strange how it snuck up on me, I didnt even realize it was time again, I was looking at my money wondering how long I would have to be broke and looked at the calendar and realize it was pay day time...yeah I know Im weird. Most people keep up with when they get paid, sometimes I forget. I dont even know what I was planning on saying in this entry but I hope I've said it. I got this movie called "Cello" from netflix today. I hope its a good one. Anyone heard of or seen any of the Ghost House movies? I was wondering if they are any good. I put them on my list, some of them look good but some Im not so sure of. I'm looking forward to watching "SuperNatural" tonight. I love that show. I think the writers for that show are really creative. Ok, I'm almost finished with the first part of "Twilight", so Im gonna go read.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short Stuff

Wow....well I should have done this earlier but hey...better late than never right? Im tired, its been another long hard day. Im ready for this week to be over with. I still need to wash dishes. I'm too tired to write too much else...shoulda done this earlier. You know what I could use? A massage. My feet hurt. Hopefully I'll feel up to adding more tomorrow. If I do, I'll definately do it earlier before all my energy goes away. But I think im gonna read a little bit more, wash dishes and then get ready for bed. Until tomorrow..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was just thinking, about how much power we give to people. How we allow the words and actions of others control our lives. Like one person can say something to piss us off and it just ruins our whole day. I wonder how long this one person who managed to get us all riled up thought about what they said to you. Probably didn't even think twice wether your feeling were hurt or not. 9 times out of 10 he or she went about the rest of their day and enjoyed it while you or I spent the rest of the day in a bad mood. I know this is a problem I am trying to change for me. Im sure im not the only one who has experienced this thats why Ive used the words we and us and you. I want to have control over how I react to things. I know were all gonna get mad sometimes and with every action there is a reaction..but what I want to change is to just allow myself to be mad for that moment, and once I realized...hey..Im holding on this a little to just let it go. I know its gonna be hard but thats something I will be trying to work on for myself. Also, another thing I want to work on to better myself is to X out talking about people in my journal, basically gossip. I'll mention people if I have something nice to say, other wise..they wont be mentioned. I get so tired every day at work hearing the ladies I work with talk about people. Its an everyday thing and its bad, I mean the things day say is horrible, and I had to stop and think, man am I like that? I dont want to be that type of person. I know how it feels and how it hurts to hear people talking bad about you, and I feel awful myself when I have to listen to people talk badly about people. I just dont want to be that way, I hate listening to it, most days I just tune it out and stay in my own little bubble but somethings you cant help but to hear. Anyway, wish me luck.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Last of a Peaceful Weekend

I been fighting a headache all day long. I dont know where it keeps coming from or why it keeps coming. I've taken 4 advils already and Im trying not to take any more. I dont like to take medicine anymore than I absolutely have too. Anyway, I enjoyed my last day off (besides the headaches). I took a very short nap earlier hoping that would help but for some reason I couldn't sleep. I listened to some music for awhile, that seems to help. Most of the day I've been reading "Twilight" on the computer, im wondering if looking at the screen for a long time had something to do with my headaches. Anyway, I did finally take a break from reading and watched "Heroes" and this new show called "My Own Worst Enemy", starring Christian Slater. I've always liked him as an actor...I think Im gonna like this show. I dont really have much to right about right now but Im sure I'll have much to bable about tomorrow.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Stuff

Ok, I just heard that Tori Spelling went online to be ordained, and now she is a minister. I have a big problem with this. Why is it that easy to be a freaking minister. I dont think you should be able to go online and become something that should be that serious as being a minister. Its crazy! That bothers me way more than what I saw last night. If you dont know by now, I dont know what you've been reading but Im a movie freak. Lastnight me and my brother watched that movie "April Fools". Man, that was messed up. It was a part in the movie where the man supposedly fell down on this spike in the ground but it didn't even look real, you could clearly tell that he fell beside it. I was just like..what the..I mean I know it was low budget and all but please...somebody could have went back and edited that better or something. Oh, before I forget, please go by and check out Laineys creative journal. I had to do a little pimping today. Here's the link:
So anyway, I finished writing all of my letters today, so Im happy about that cuz, I have no idea how long they have been sitting there. I was looking at letters like, "dang, I haven't her back yet?" So thats out of the way until the next pile up. Anyway, Im gonna try to finish watching these tapes and watch more "Afterworld" videos. Later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quick Update...on nothing really

I haven't been up to much today besides, watching my tapes, reading, writing some letters and talking on the phone. Oh, and dont forget stuffing my face. My mom gave me some ice cream (it was so good) and my brother brought me some popcorn when he got off from work. I have popcorn hulls stuck in my teeth and I cant find my tooth picks. Oh wait, found them! I've been trying to catch up on as much rest as possible. I slept til 1p.m. today. I got the movie "April Fools", in the mail today from netflix. I hope its a good movie.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Relaxing & Writing

I've just been enjoying my day off so far today. Trying to get some rest. It was so nice to be able to sleep in. I transfered my story journal over to blogger so I hope people will stop by and check it out. For the people who used to read it over at aol, I have a new entry finally. I know its been awhile since I've added a story but my inspiration to write stories left me for awhile, been doing more of the poetry thing lately but I want to get back into writing my stories. So anyway, I started this story lastnight while I was listening to some music (music gets my creative juices flowing) and this is what I came up with. I kind of felt like..I could add more..but it was late and I was tired, so I decided to just leave it for the moment. I guess its at a point where I can leave it where it is, or I can choose to continue. So I would like to know after you have read it, if you would like to read more from this story or if it should be left where it is. Let me know what you think. Here is the link..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Need of Rest

Well i finally made it. Its been a long day. Im so tired and in need of some serious resting. I can feel the weight of the week on my shoulders. The stress of days come and gone on my back. The memory of not so pleasant moments in the back of my mind. Im just waiting for it all to melt away into the past. I took a nap when I came home today. I still woke up tired. I could use a massage. Some hugs would be nice too. Im still waiting for my body to relax. I can still feel the tension. It rained all night and its been raining all day on and off. I woke up late this morning. I guess I was sleeping a little too good. But I woke up in time enough to get ready and make it to work on time. I watched "Slither" last night. It was so gross. Not like I was surprised. I kinda figured what it would be like. to watch Super Natural.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One more day

Just one more day to go and I'll have 4 days off to rest. Yay! Its been raining all day. I had to walk and work in the rain. I hope I dont get sick. That Rhonda woman is starting to get on my nerves now. Im in the teachers lounge, standing in front of the drink machine with change in my hand and she asks me if im about to get a soda. I started to say no, Im just standing in front of the drink machince pretending to buy one. That was a stupid question. Then Im sitting down on my lunch break eating my food and she come walking over to me looking at my plate, asking me about my sherbert. I told her three times that it tastes like icecream, what...did she want me to let her try some? Then the site manager was there today and she comes over and tells me that Im not suppose to put the ranch dressing on the carrots, im suppose to put them in cups. Thats so annoying. I get tired of all these "bosses" trying to run things, my manager told me I could do it that way but she wants to come in there and change things all the time, thats why nobody cant stand her. I talked to Paul today, he had an interview with the couselor so Im hoping he gets in that class. I got the movie "Slither", in the mail today from Netflix. Me and Junior are gonna watch that sometime tonight.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 Down, 2 to go

I forgot to mention yesterday that as we were getting ready to leave the boss passes out these emails to us saying that they are cutting the funding on school lunch. So Im wondering, what in the heck the kids are suppose to eat. They cant have kids in school all day and not feed them, parents all over will be flipping out. I dont know what they are planning to do be but I doubt its gonna last. You cant go messing with childrens food. Mess around and have a riot on their hands. Those women talk about the craziest stuff. Yesterday at the end of the day they were discussion what kind of underwear like do and dont like to wear. And today they were talking about all the people they new who treated their mothers wrong and then died. So weird. The new custodian name Rhonda starts asking me how long I had been working there and she doing the math all in her head trying to figure out how old I am and she has the nerve to say she knows I like my job cuz its easy and we dont have much to do. First, how the heck would she know, she doesn't work with me. Second my job is not easy, and we have a whole lot to do. Our problem is they want us to do alot in a short amount of time. I probably do more in the hours I work than she does all day. I've done custodial work at the schools before, they have alot of hours and sometimes they are just sitting round doing nothing. I hate when people who dont know what they are talking about run their mouth, assuming things when they dont know Jack. She really needs to back off, people already talking bout she get on their nerves and she just started working there. We got invited to get some breakfast in the gym today. They served breakfast for the dads. Its funny to me how they are always doing things for the dads up there, they never have a day for the moms. I think the lady who is head of the stuff just does that to try to meet men. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I appreciated the breakfast tho. They had grits, sausages, bisccuits, pastries, donuts, orange juice and coffee. I had everything except coffee, I dont drink the stuff, I know alot of people that do but Ive never liked it, I tried to drink it but..yuck.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mondays Moments

This morning when I was walking to work it was a dog in the road, he was dead, had bricks on top of him. It was a sad sight to see. It looked like somebody must have beat the dog to death with bricks. I hate how some people are so cruel to animals. Its just not right. I had a bad headache this morning too. I dont know if it was because of the cold air or the fact that I saw that poor dog that way had me shedding tears. Either way, my head was pounding. Oh, I saw David Archuletta's new video this morning, its so cute. Its called "Crush". I want his cd. That boy has such a big beautiful voice to be so young. I heard the ladies at work talking bout something happening over by the apartments on Morrow Avenue. Something about police, people getting arrested and somebody kicking in the doors, I dont know what happened but Im just glad I dont stay over that way anymore. I used to live in those apartments a long time ago. I was in my early years of elementary. Its just weird hearing about stuff like that. And for everybody who's wondering about "Iron Man", I watched it lastnight, I liked it alot. Looks like their might be a second part to it the way it ended. I think the man who played Iron Man has so pretty eyes. Anyway, I was up late watching it but it was good. I think my dvd player is messed up. The last two movies I watched Ive had to watch them on my computer. I dont know what to do, I was thinking of getting a new vcr for Christmas cuz thats been messed up, but now I need a dvd player too.