Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tink Tuesday

Lastnight I finished reading "You've been warned", By: James Patterson. It is a really good book, very hard to put down. I got up early this morning because I had to go to the store. I didn't want to be out walking when it got too hot and I know it gets hot really early and the later it gets the hotter it is. So I went out and got my money orders, stamps, some snacks, cashed my check, hit the atm machine, got a coke and came back home. Got my bills out to be mailed, tithes put away, and insurance money..ugh..paid my mom what I owed her. I think thats everything for now. Snowflake was getting on my nerves this morning, she kept waking me up. After chasing her thru the kitchen I went in my room and closed the door to lock her out. When I got up at 9, and opened my door she was sitting outside the door waiting for me. I just dont understand that cat. Anyway, thought I'd drop in, type something. I think im gonna go read some more.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Shoot-Out: Colors of the Rainbow

Ok, now I want some cake!
I cant help but smile everytime I look at this

Beautiful and colorful

Gotta love rainbows

I love stuffed animals and having shoes of every color would come in handy dont you think?

Colors of the rainbow, orange, pink, red, blue

Match the feelings that ring so true

Containing the things we hold inside

The colors shine thru so we cant hide

Look at the beauty thats so plain to see

All colors are beautiful to me

Would have to have shades to match the shoes

Would be cool for halloween right?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stopping in...waving hello!

Has anyone noticed I changed my background? Its pretty obvious. Just thought I'd asked. I also changed my books on the corner after I dont know how long. Monday I went to the library to take back those books from 2 weeks ago and I got two more. "You've been warned", By: James Patterson and "Odd Thomas" by: Dean Koontz. Im enjoying both of them. Those are the good things. Right now, Im pmsing, and I've been moody all week..not constantly but you know...mood swinging and all that jazz, lol. See how I just went from so so to silly..ok, I think you get it now, anyway..just thought I'd drop in..say hello to anyone who might happen to stop by my little space here. And if you should happen to pop in for whatever reason, you should stop in more often, you never know, you might like it. While your at it wave, or say hello...you might like that too. I know I would. But I'm pushing the time. I might be back later today...dont know, but I definately will be back tomorrow tho, to do that shoot out thingy. Have a nice day everyone.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


why cant I feel you here when I need you the most
feeling like Im loosing it and I need a friend
someone to talk to but noones around
trying hard to smile but all I can manage is a smile
not sure what to do or what to say
not sure if it would matter either way
all I know is that I want things to be better
I would like to be done with this stormy weather

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Shoot-Out: Metal

My first time at doing a Fridays Shoot-Out. I know mine is different than most entries but Im really into my writing at the moment so I just cant help myself. So, I have two different takes on the word "Metal". The first, a poem of a weird obsession with the love of metal. And 2nd is a short shory of someones hate for metal because of tragic events as a child.

Metal in my hand

The metal in my hand feels so good, cold
Like the ice in my mouth, very bold
So much heavier, smooth to touch
Didn't realize I'd love it so much
This obsession with metal things
No need for gold or diamond rings
I love how it shines, yes its true
I dont know what I should do
Except to seek out the object of my obsession
Until it becomes my posession
I really dont care that noone understands
My love for the metal in my hand

Metal Bars

When walking down the street one night, I froze dead in my tracks. Why was this happening to me. Why couldn't I ever escape this nightmare. There across the road were metal bars. Trying hard to control my breathing, I clutched at my throat. I couldn't have a panic attack here, not now. Gathering all the strength I could find I took off down the street, not sure what direction I was going because I could barely see. My eyes, blurred with the tears filling up and running over. I ran until my legs burned. Legs shaking, feeling as if they were going to crumble beneath me, I ran in to a brick wall. Looking up, I realized I had run into a apartment complex. My back against the brick wall, my body slid down slowly until I sat down hard on the ground. Eyes still glazed over, my mind flashes back to those years long ago as a child. My mother and father had divorced, and we were living with her new friend. When she was away at work, he'd lock me up in a room down stairs with metal bars. Trapped there all day until my mother was on her way home. He'd always ask her to call to let him know when she was on her way home. I knew he did this so he would have time to let me out. I tryed to tell her one night when he was asleep. My mom and I were cuddled on the sofa watching a movie. She didn't believe me. She yelled at me and made me go to bed early. What was worse was that she told him what I had said and he punished me for it. He had slapped me hard across the face and punched me in the stomach. I didn't get my food bowl that day, nor my water dish. Blinking my eyes and shaking my head, I force the memories from my thoughts. Most days its as if it never happened. I can almost forget that those horrible days even existed. Until Im rudely awakened by the site of metal bars and Im taken back to those achingly sick memories that I now realize will forever haunt me. I grab my purse that had slipped from my hand and dig inside until I feel my cell phone. Flipping it open, I dial my best friends number.


"Maria, I need you to come get me."

"Ok, where are you?"

"Pine Ridge Aparments".

"How'd you get over there?"

"I'll explain later, just please come get me before I freak out anymore than I already have."

"Ok, Im on my way."

"Maria, one more thing."

"Yeah, what is it."

"Do you best to avoid going down Clinton Road."

"Ok, but whats on Clinton Road?

"Metal bars."

If you enjoyed this short story check out my "Twisted Stories" journal. http://twisted-short-stories.blogspot.com/

Friday, June 12, 2009

Im Back

Im back! How long has it been? Hopefully not too long. Im finally coming out of my medicine haze. I had to take some medicine lastnight because my allergies started to act up. I went to bed earlier than usual for me. Apparently the meds hadn't worn off yet when I got up today. Thankfully I haven't been having much trouble with my allergies. I've been praying that for my allergies to go away. Its been helping and I rarely have to take any medicine anymore. I've been praying about my frequent bathroom visits too. Im gonna start drinking more water and go when I have to instead of holding it. Thats only making things worse. Oops, brb, bathroom. Ok, Im back. I was talking to Paul a little earlier and he was telling me that I should tell people about my experiences with God and my blessings. And I think he's right because even tho I do have problems. Things I wish could be better, things happen that I cant really change, there are also alot of good things that happens too. I have grown so tired of always complaining and writing about the negative things. I think that is the main reason why I fell out of love with blogging. Altho I do think I need to write about the negative because its like the best way for me to release the stress and tension, to get it all out. Writing has always been my way of release every since I knew how to write. If I wasnt writing I was drawing..or reading. Those are things that have always been apart of me. And I dont want to loose any of that. So Im going to try to focus on writing about the blessings in my life. There will be some negative from time to time..cant get around it but. I would hope that my life has more positives than negatives. But well see. Anyway, yesterday I went to the movies with my mom. We went to see "Drag me to Hell". It was a good movie. Before we went to the movies we went to the $1 store. I love that store. They had two of my favorite candies that I rarely see anywhere anymore. The fruit flavored tootsie rolls, and sixlets. I wasn't plan on spending as much as I did but its so easy to stack up alot of stuff in there. I dont think I would have picked up as much if I didnt have to stay in there as long. I made a mistake with the times and we got there like an hour and 1/2 too early so I was trying to pass the time in there, which was easily too do but also easy to loose money too. I got some freeze pops too, and of course I had to get some stationary, tuna, chicken salad and bubble bath. They had these 1 liter bottles of bubble bath for $1. Im almost out of the last bottle I bought from there so Im glad I got it. I got two. I didn't like the bus ride back cuz it was packed and so hot. I forgot my music cd on my bed so I had nothing to listen to. When I got home my feet hurt so bad. Actually, they are still bothering me. I keep thinking I should have got that foot spray to soothe ur feet when their swollen or achy, but I put up back. I'll get some next time but I wont be going back until I get paid again. Im trying to make my money strecth until then. The last time I went to the atm machine I basically spent all the money I got out on bills so I thought I would have been broke by now. Thank God for that. Surprisingly my dad has been paying me back the money he borrowed. So thats been great. I dont mind lending him money at all as long as he pays it back. Yesterday me and my mom walked over to chic-fila. You know I got mosquito bites on the back of my feet so when I walk in my shoes they itch bad. I didnt get anything from there even tho I love their chicken nuggets..im on a budget and Im trying to be good. Ugh...I gotta pee again. Back. Im listening to the audio book "Alone". Im on the 5th disc. Wednesday me and my brother watched the movie "Autopsy". Its one of those horrorfest movies. It was interesting. Ok..I think Im all typed out for now. Not sure when I'll write again but I'll be back.

Monday, June 8, 2009


thought id pop in a try again at this thing called blogging. its so funny how it used to be something I loved to do. I mean I would think about all day at work about what I would write in it when I got home. but some how that passion i once had for blogging as dwindled. I hate it, but I have found my passion for writing stories again which I love. Anyway, I had a good weekend. I spent time with Paul, watched movies, read, played games, not much else. Today I went to the library and signed up for a library card. Haven't done that in so long. I checked out a book called "Beach Road", By: James Patterson and I got a audio book called "Alone", By: Lisa Gardener. I also went to family dollars and got some things. Flipflops, bubble bath, batteries...and a few other things. I caught the bus down there but walked back so I could get some excercize. I left early this morning and can you believe it was already hot around 10am? Crazy. I am not ready for the heat wave I just know were gonna have.