Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sometimes I wonder, I forget and I wonder again

Where it all ends and where it all begins

Sometimes I think and I smile, and then I think some more

Sometimes I end up in pain on the floor

Sometimes I dream, I toss and I turn

While the fire deep inside me burns

Sometimes I hurt, I heal and I hurt one more time

Losing what I had when I lost what I find

Sometimes I make since, most of the time I dont

Some of my poems make sense, this one probably wont

A Haunting

I went to the movies today to see "The Haunting in Conneticut". It was really good. Im finally getting "Mirrors" from netflix tomorrow. Sure took long enough. Afterwards we went to chic-fila to get dinner. Its been raining all day long and the wind has been blowing hard. For some reason Im extremely sleepy. My batteries in my cd player died. I had a feeling that they were gonna run out on me when I needed them the most. But my brother was nice enough to let me listen to his music with him.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Strange Feelings

sometimes I feel so different inside
Theres noone I can tell, noone to confide
Noone here when I need to talk or need a friend
What happens when I hurt, will anyone be there in the end
It hurts sometimes to feel so strange
Possibly sick, some what deranged
But theres nothing you can say, nothing to do
Sometimes I dont know who or what is actually true

Crazy me

I had planned on doing an entry yesterday but I was waiting around to go to the store..I guess I could have while I was waiting but anyway, I finally made it to the store. I got my money orders and stuff. Rode to KFC to get dinner and then back home. Then when I got home, me and junior ate dinner and watched the movie "Twilight" and the dvd extras. It was long, so it took awhile to finished. It had to have been like after 3pm when we started watching and it was about 7pm or after when we finished. So later after it was over I started playing this really cute game called "Emerald City Confidential". I really shouldnt have started playing it so late. I didn't start playing the game until 8pm. I ended up staying up playing it until 6am. Yeah. I know Im crazy, but it was so much fun and I wanted to finish it and since I didnt have to get up early to go to work today it didnt really matter. Oh, and I want to say thank you Alvia, for letting me use all of your wondeful tags. I think Im addicted to your fotki..ha ha..seriously, lol.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy Days

well its been raining all day. I had planned on going to the store because I need to get some things but Im thinking about just going tomorrow. Since its so late and it might start raining again..I dont trust walking out there with my luck, lol. I've been looking thru my pile of magazines and watching tapes. Lastnight I got sick. I think it was the pizza I ate from Domino's. I dont think I want anything else from them anymore. They must have giving us a pizza they had sitting out because they brought it way too quick. I was in so much pain. Threw up and I had to go lay down for awhile. Thankfully after laying down for awhile I felt better. Later that night me and Junior watched this movie called "The Uninvited". Its a Japanese movie..subtitled and all that jazz. It was interesting but weird and didnt make sense. Seems to be the theme I get with most movies lately. I dont know what to do. So I dont know what Im gonna be doing for the rest of the day. Maybe something maybe nothing. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Ok I wrote this entry earlier today. Didnt get a chance to post it so Im adding more to it now. Me and Junior went to walmart. I got the "Twilight" 2 disc special addition and I got a book. Twilight~Directors Notebook. Its too many people roaming walmart late at night. Its just not right and I kept feeling like everyone was looking at me. Ugh..I hate that. I just ate some tuna and crackers a few minutes ago..I guess that was dinner. I had some soup earlier today for lunch, so I hadnt been hungry at all today. Junior bought icecream so Im waiting til I finish my coke and I think I'll eat that..in about..30 minutes. Give this tuna time to digest.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bit early

Morning everyone. I usually wait until the end of the week to post samples but theres a few walmart samples in here and they always go quick. So I thought id better get them in early so if anyone was interested they'd have a chance to get it. Man I am so freakin sleepy. I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed I had all these new people working with me in the dishroom and they were just screwing everything up. Everything looked different, it was just weird. Im seriously ready for this week to be over with. My nerves were just completely wrecked lastnight. I played this cool computer game tho. I hope today at work isnt bad. *sigh*

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dont Wanna go

well I really wish i could go back to bed. So bad. lastnight me and my brother watched this movie called "Amusement". It was interesting but it didnt make any sense to me, ugh. I really need to see a good movie. Hopefully next week. Im so glad that i will be off work for spring break next week. Im hoping today will be alot better and I can make it thru without any problems today. Wish me luck on that. I keep forgetting to charge one of my phones. Im just gonna leave it at home today and charge it when I get back. its not like anyone is gonna call me anyway. Im so sleepy. I guess I'll end here, I need to get ready to go. Hope everyone has a nice day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soda Buzz/Sneezing/Sleeping/Movie

I got two free Diet Mountain dews in the mail today. I dont usually like diet drinks but this one actually doesnt taste bad. I joined this thing called Buzz agents and they send you stuff to test out and you give your feed back, spread the word about it I guess. I figured..hey free soda what the heck, even if I dont like it I didnt waste any money on it and I got to try something new. To my surprise it has a pretty good taste. Anyone who wouldn't mind helping me out by going to ChatThreads.com and put in 101-683-468752 in the conversation id part and write that I told you all about Diet Mountain Dew it would mean alot. If not thats ok too, lol...I got some free soda. I'd share but I haven't figured out how to put soda into the computer yet. Today at work was hard for me cuz my allergie meds wasnt working for some reason and I couldn't stop sneezing so I came home and took a nap. Thankfully Im finally feeling better but I do feel like a headache is trying to creep up. I got a movie from netflix today. Yay. Called "Amusement". I hope its good.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Early Monday/Samples

Well I played this computer game for so long lastnight, that I didnt make it back to do an entry. So here are a few samples from last week. Sorry its not as many this time. Im not ready for today. You never know what your walking into on my job. So wish me luck. My allergies and sinuses seem to want to start up already too...ugh..wish me more luck please. I really didnt want to get out of bed this morning. It was so warm and coozy. Well, gotta go to work soon..maybe I'll write more later today.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Questions asked

Well seems like my whole day has been spent working on letters. Im finally finished thankfully. 12 freakin letters! Thats why I try so hard not to get this behind but I guess sometimes it cant be helped. One of my penpals always ends the letter with about 10 questions for me and I do the same in his letters. These are the questions I came up with this time. And I was hoping my readers would answer these too, because Im curious of what kind of answers I would get. Of course you dont have too but it would make my weekend if you did. :)
1. What is your favorite alcohol drink.
2. What was one of yout favorite hang outs.
3. What would your dream house look like?
4. What would a perfect day be like for you?
5. If you could invent the perfect woman what would she be like?
6. Would you rather have love and be broke or be rich and live without love.
7. Would you consider yourself an emotional person?
8. If you had to think to breathe, do you think you might forget?
9. Whats the best dream you ever dreamt?
10. Do you believe in ghosts?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Sleep

Leaning away from the cold into the heat
nearing to where the flames meet
they kiss the edges of my skin
beckoning for me to let in
the warmth to envelop me deep
into the inside it seeps
and it feels so good to feel the fire
the cozy feeling taking me higher
now all I want to do is sleep
wrapped up for my dreams to keep
pictures playing inside my head
on an empty canvas paints of my mind bleed
and I fall deeper into the comfort of this abiss
surely i wont be missed
it feels too good to hide away
how I wish I could stay
here I dont feel so tired
no longer frantically wired
Here I feel safe and free
lost inside of me

Early Morning Movie Review

Ok, lastnight me and my brother watched "The Haunting of Molley Hartley". I had been wanting to see this movie for a long time. I was thinking it was gonna be really good. You know like those creepy movies where ghost pop up out of nowhere and scare the crap out of people. Well..I was so dissappointed. It wasnt a single bit of "haunting" in the whole movie. Then during the whole movie they had this long slow build up to the day she turned 18 years old. How she was gonna turn evil and how evil people were gonna come for her on her birthday and horrible things would happen. I mean people were even trying to kill this girl so she wouldn't make it to her 18th birthday. And it finally gets to the end where its her birthday and she's 18 and nothing happens! Except she graduated highschool and it went off! What the puck! I dont get get it. That had to be the suckiest ending to a movie Ive seen in a long time. I mean they really pulled some M. Night Shaymalan mess with that ending. I mean after the movie went off me and my brother were sitting there in silence watching the credits roll for a good 5 minutes til I was just like "why are we just sitting here looking at the screen". After than, me and him and my mom talked for like 10 minutes about how stupid that ending was. That just really hurt my movie feelings. Can you feel my disappointment?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well today at work sucked, so much so I dont even want to think about it anymore so I wont bother writing about it. But I did get to go to walmart today and I got to do a little shopping. I got two of Kelly Clarksons cds and I got a cute shirt, some hawaiin punch to finish off my concoction and some cheese puffs, just because I feel like stuffing my face. I got a movie in from netflix. Its called "The Haunting of Molley Hartley". I've been wanting to see it since it came out at the movies. I also cant wait to see "SuperNatural" tonight. I love that show.

Wishful Thinking

I feel so tired and worn out this morning..and extremely sleepy. And I went to bed earlier than I usually do as wednesday so I dont understand. I also feel really worn out. I'll be so glad when this week is over with. I'll be even happier when spring break gets here. I really need the rest. Anyway, hopefully today wont be bad. Hopefully it will go by quickly. Wish I had a remote for the universe. Man I wish I could just get in bed and go back to sleep right now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mental Issues

Today at work wasnt bad at all. Can you believe I had a drama free day? Phew! Anyway, Im tired. I heard today that one of the girls that used to work with us (but she got transferred cuz the boss couldn't get along with her) that she's in the hospital on the 6th floor. I guess thats the mental patients floor..I dont know, I never been down there. Anyway, of course my boss loves to spread stuff so she was telling us that someone told her that the girl came to work one day and went to the office, called her mom and told her that people at work were picking on her, so her mom came up there and she was looking at her mom like she didnt know who she was. The boss lady told us that her mom talked to the manager and they said they hadnt even seen her today and nobody had been picking on her. Anyway, to shorten a long story they say she hadn't been talking her medication for awhile, so I guess..crap, I dont know. I mean I know she always acting like she was..not all the way there. I just thought she was slow. I didnt know she was on medication for depression or whatever else. I hope she gets better tho. She said that her husband has been in and out of the hospital for mental problems too. They have a baby that she had not too long ago..I wonder who takes care of the baby.

Morning Routine

I was just wondering what everyones morning routine was.The first thing I do is slap my alarm clock. That thing takes a beating every morning. Now after this..it changes from time to time, like yesterday some how after slapping that annoying box on my table I went back to sleep. Ended up over sleeping by 36 minutes. Then when I jumped up it took me forever to find my freaking glasses. And guess where they were? On the floor! But I digress. But on a normal morning (whatever that is) I usually get up (after abusing wake up tool) and turn on my computer, go to the bathroom, pee, clean myself, brush my teeth (not exactly in that oder) go back to my room, put on my work clothes, deoderant, comb & brush my hair, turn on the tv and listen to creflo dollar while looking around online. What else do I do? Hmm..put on my watchor whatever other jewelry I might be wearing..sometimes I foget my watch. I liseten to Joyce Meyers for about 15 minutes. Get my purse, cd player, jacket, phones and whatever else I might decided to take and Im out the door...but not before turning off the computer, tv, checking the stove, turning off all the lights in the house, including nightlights and porch lights and Im walking down the street. Im doing good if Im out the door at 7:45, I have to be to work at 8 but most days Im not so lucky. Yesterday didnt start out good because of waking up late and then when i get to work before I can even clock in Im asked to sign a statement saying what I heard being said about the gun. So I did that. I was told by her (our site manager) that noone would know except our school manager, her and the other girl who heard about the gun. But later after breakfast I hear my boss stand up telling everyone that me and that girl had to sign a statement. To me that is so unprofessional and she keeps alot of mess stirred up herself. Later on the lady who was talking about bringing a gun to school was told to go to the central office by the boss over all the schools. She told her she couldnt cuz her car wouldnt make it that far. So she ended up coming down to our school calling her to the office. I guess they had a meeting with her and the principal. Long story made shorter, she ended up being suspended for 10 days. Now to me that is stupid. Why not just fire her since she had caused so much problems and get us someone else in her place. Now were gonna be out 2 people cuz I know they are not gonna send someone to replace her until she gets back so that just makes things even worse for us. I just dont know about these people. Do they even think? Seriously?! But whatever..(now back to our regularly scheduled programming) So what is everyone else's morning routines. I really would like to know. Hoping your day is filled with less drama than mine.

~on the verge of a early morning headache

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have been sick all weekend so I just haven't felt like doing anything, but I wanted to post these samples. Hopefully its a few in here people like.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

I forgot my chocolate milk & oranges at work today

Two of my fav songs right now: Dead and gone By: T.I. F.
Justin Timberlake & Rockin that thang By: The Dream

Dead and gone is the ring tone on my phone

I rarely hear it cuz nobody calls me on it

I got some baby wipes and a cosmo magazine in the mail for free today

My aunt annoyed the crap out of me today cuz she wants to all of a sudden start planning these family get together, and I guess cuz she had a new idea Im pose to jump? I think not

I want something to eat but theres nothing here to snack on

I have the munchies cuz of my allergie meds

But I dont feel like walking to the store

I feel as high as a kite and I dont like it

Im drinking water right now

I've been thinking about taking a nap all day but it never happened

I was up til 2am watching a movie last night called "Day watch"

It was weird but good

I got the movie "Night watch" in the mail today

Yesterday I went to Roses & Walmart

Its starting to feel like summer time already

Thats why I have on shorts

I downloading this game called "Mortimer Beckett and the
Secrets of Spooky Manor". The stupid thing came up but then it wouldnt play. :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The weekends over (Sunday samples)

Well I had a nice weekend. I got to go see a movie. Me, my mom and my brother went to see "The Watchmen". It was really good. My allergies are starting to act up. So I think Im going to bed soon. I actually went to bed at 10pm lastnight which is way too early for me but I had a horrible headache and I was tired and sleepy and just couldnt take it anymore. The day before I had stayed up to 3am and them got up around 8am..so my body clock is all messed up. The weekend always goes by way too fast and Im just not ready for the work week to start. Well, heres some free samples Ive found during the week. I hope someone can find something they like.

register and they send u free tea samples every two weeks

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Found a few..words

Lastnight me and my brother watched the movie "Sight". Ugh..it was not good. It was weird and didnt make sense. On top of that I was doped up on allergy medicine, so I had to fight not to fall asleep on it. Thankfully it wasnt a very long movie and I watched it an hour earlier than I usually watch movies so I think that might have helped alot. I got a crook in my neck..not sure how it got there. Maybe from holding my head down reading for so long. I dont know. Im so glad that tomorrow is friday. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I even set the alarm again and slept for 30 more minutes. The movie "Watchmen", comes out tomorrow. I really want to go see that. But I'm waiting until Saturday. I dont like to go see a movie on the first day it comes out cuz its always too many people.

Lost 4 words

Well..I dont really know what to say or write..

I really dont..so.. I'll just add this.

I got my interview questions from Rose & Jill of Delightfully Inappropriate:


1. What is your favorite food? lets see. I have lots of favorites. I dont know if I could pick just one..so I'll name a few. I love Steak, mac& cheese, baked potatoes, collard greens, pizza and french fries.

2. What is your all time favorite movie? Man, this is another hard one cuz I love movies. But if I have to pick just one off the top of my head I'd have to say the very first "Saw" movie.

3. What is your occupation? Im a nutriton assistant. Well, thats the pretty way of saying it. But basically I work in a elementary school cafeteria. The kids call me the "lunchroom lady", lol.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Right now I have to say oralndo florida, cuz i want to go to all the different amusement parks.

5. Do you believe there is life on other planets? Um, no..not really. Would that life be considered as aliens...um, no..id like to think they dont exist,lol.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Straight to the point

I should have done an entry way earlier. I dont know what ive been doing all day. I feel like today went by so fast. My mom had her procedure done today. She said the Dr. told her she has a higher hernia..dont know if Im spelling it right or not but he thinks that maybe whats causing the pain but now after looking down her throat he wants to go in thru her nose..Im like..what the..is there any hole they haven't tryed to go in yet? Then she asks him for some meds for the pain and he says he cant cuz he dont know whats causing the pain..but I thought he just said it was the hernia...I give up! I hate Dr's! Anyway, other than that I enjoyed my extra day off. I think a little too much cuz Im completely set in my laziness, I seriously cant be bothered to be moved. But I guess Im going to have to, eventually. But I have gotten alot of reading done. So I guess I did accomplish something, lol. I guess thats it for now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sundays Samples & Poetry

Last night Inspirarion hit me while I was listening to some music and out flowed these words.

Block out the light, cant bear to open my eyes, closing my ears, dont want to hear your lies, sound proof the room, so noone hears my cries
All alone, so I talk to myself, sanity tells me its bad for my health, But I dont care what you think and I dont care what you say, the voices in my head tells me Im ok

Is there ever enough 2 go around, people trying 2 knock you down, standing on ur toes trying 2 reach the top wondering if the pain will stop
Pleasure and pain, venom and blood, mix it all in with the rain and mud. You breathe in, exhale with a hiss, all around you smells like piss
Rain drops fall on your lips, rocks and pebbles crushed against your hips
You feel the heat, you feel the strain, you hold your breath and welcome the rain
Its no illusion, your all alone
And all you wish for, is for the pain to be gone

Unraveling and frayed, held against your will
dont know what to think or how to feel
doesnt feel real, cant be right
how can you feel this everynight
bound and pressed against the glass
couldnt buy your way out with cash
nothing to do but wait for it to happen again
ready, set, lets begin

Savor the taste, reliquish your hunger
your cravings getting stronger
cant hold back any longer
You feel like your right on the edge
disturbingly close to the end of the ledge
Left with your lonely mind to wonder
your screams drowned out by the sound of the thunder

Here are you samples I've found during the week. Hope theres some things people might like to sign up for.

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Snow day!

Guess what? It snowed today! I was shocked. I know they had been saying it was going to snow but if you know our weather people and their accuracy rate, you would understand why I was so skeptical. And even better I got a call from my boss telling me the schools would be closed tomorrow so I dont have to go to work. Yay! I'm so happy. I could definately use an extra day off. I love snow days. We rarely get them. I tryed to take some pictures of the snow. This is the best I could do with my flaky camera.