Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Shoot-Out: Reflections

I dont want to look in the mirror
I dont want to see
My own reflection starring back at me
I dont want to look, just want to hide
and get away from the pain inside
I dont need to see, I dont wanna know
Just need to get out, I just want to go
Away from my reflection, away from these eyes
Away from the torn soul, drowned by your many lies
Cant trust these eyes, cant trust this face
Wishing I could be some other place
Gotta get away from the glare
away from the constant stare
So I cant look in the mirror
Because I dont want to see
My own reflection
Starring back at me


~JarieLyn~ said...

It looks like you got some rain too. Your mirrors are gorgeous and your poem was very emotional. Great job. Have a nice weekend.

J9 said...

Like the b/w of the rain. I feel like that some days!

Nashe^ said...

Omg, I love your blog header!

RedLan said...

Great photos. THanks for sharing them. I like the last photo most.

Can I grab my favorite photo? I planned to post a collection of this week's photo shoot out them. I will credit your site of course. If it's okay with you.

Chele said...

the second pic is my very favorite of this group.

Gordon said...

The shots are astounding. They were even more impressive when enlarged. Thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to seeing many more great shots, here.

Amelia said...

Damn girl... I wish I could express myself like that...

Unknown said...

I missed this from last week. What beautiful photo's! And of course your poetry just compliments the them.

GingerV said...

I went back a ways to see your other shoot outs and realized I'd seen them - didn't leave a comment sorry! - If I get interupted I don't remember anything