Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tink Tuesday

Lastnight I finished reading "You've been warned", By: James Patterson. It is a really good book, very hard to put down. I got up early this morning because I had to go to the store. I didn't want to be out walking when it got too hot and I know it gets hot really early and the later it gets the hotter it is. So I went out and got my money orders, stamps, some snacks, cashed my check, hit the atm machine, got a coke and came back home. Got my bills out to be mailed, tithes put away, and insurance money..ugh..paid my mom what I owed her. I think thats everything for now. Snowflake was getting on my nerves this morning, she kept waking me up. After chasing her thru the kitchen I went in my room and closed the door to lock her out. When I got up at 9, and opened my door she was sitting outside the door waiting for me. I just dont understand that cat. Anyway, thought I'd drop in, type something. I think im gonna go read some more.

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Missie said...

Yea, it's hump day! Enjoy the rest of your week.