Friday, June 12, 2009

Im Back

Im back! How long has it been? Hopefully not too long. Im finally coming out of my medicine haze. I had to take some medicine lastnight because my allergies started to act up. I went to bed earlier than usual for me. Apparently the meds hadn't worn off yet when I got up today. Thankfully I haven't been having much trouble with my allergies. I've been praying that for my allergies to go away. Its been helping and I rarely have to take any medicine anymore. I've been praying about my frequent bathroom visits too. Im gonna start drinking more water and go when I have to instead of holding it. Thats only making things worse. Oops, brb, bathroom. Ok, Im back. I was talking to Paul a little earlier and he was telling me that I should tell people about my experiences with God and my blessings. And I think he's right because even tho I do have problems. Things I wish could be better, things happen that I cant really change, there are also alot of good things that happens too. I have grown so tired of always complaining and writing about the negative things. I think that is the main reason why I fell out of love with blogging. Altho I do think I need to write about the negative because its like the best way for me to release the stress and tension, to get it all out. Writing has always been my way of release every since I knew how to write. If I wasnt writing I was drawing..or reading. Those are things that have always been apart of me. And I dont want to loose any of that. So Im going to try to focus on writing about the blessings in my life. There will be some negative from time to time..cant get around it but. I would hope that my life has more positives than negatives. But well see. Anyway, yesterday I went to the movies with my mom. We went to see "Drag me to Hell". It was a good movie. Before we went to the movies we went to the $1 store. I love that store. They had two of my favorite candies that I rarely see anywhere anymore. The fruit flavored tootsie rolls, and sixlets. I wasn't plan on spending as much as I did but its so easy to stack up alot of stuff in there. I dont think I would have picked up as much if I didnt have to stay in there as long. I made a mistake with the times and we got there like an hour and 1/2 too early so I was trying to pass the time in there, which was easily too do but also easy to loose money too. I got some freeze pops too, and of course I had to get some stationary, tuna, chicken salad and bubble bath. They had these 1 liter bottles of bubble bath for $1. Im almost out of the last bottle I bought from there so Im glad I got it. I got two. I didn't like the bus ride back cuz it was packed and so hot. I forgot my music cd on my bed so I had nothing to listen to. When I got home my feet hurt so bad. Actually, they are still bothering me. I keep thinking I should have got that foot spray to soothe ur feet when their swollen or achy, but I put up back. I'll get some next time but I wont be going back until I get paid again. Im trying to make my money strecth until then. The last time I went to the atm machine I basically spent all the money I got out on bills so I thought I would have been broke by now. Thank God for that. Surprisingly my dad has been paying me back the money he borrowed. So thats been great. I dont mind lending him money at all as long as he pays it back. Yesterday me and my mom walked over to chic-fila. You know I got mosquito bites on the back of my feet so when I walk in my shoes they itch bad. I didnt get anything from there even tho I love their chicken on a budget and Im trying to be good. Ugh...I gotta pee again. Back. Im listening to the audio book "Alone". Im on the 5th disc. Wednesday me and my brother watched the movie "Autopsy". Its one of those horrorfest movies. It was interesting. Ok..I think Im all typed out for now. Not sure when I'll write again but I'll be back.


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((MELISSA))))))))))))))))Its good to hear from you.I miss reading your Blog and love to hear about how God helps you in your life.Have a nice weekend.

Unknown said...

Hey Buddy!

What a great positive post. I do not know what was up with my google reader but for some reason a lot of peoples blog post did not show up until today??? I do not use the blogger dashboard. It sounds like you are in a good place and I am very happy for you. Do not always think everyone can be positive all of the time its just part of life. I also enjoy how God is a big part of your life (mine too). I love going to the dollar store and getting good bargains. I cant wait to hear more about your summer!

Gordon said...

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See you on Friday!
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