Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worth It

I just want to lay in the the water

let the cool waves wash over me

allowing me to forget everything

except what feels good, and right

just want to listen to the breeze

and feel it on my skin

allowing me to remember that its still worth it

to keep going, to hang on

begging me to see that its ok, to keep waiting

because one day I'll finally see

what all the waiting was for

and hopefully I will be able to say

It was worth it


Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((MELISSA))))))))))))I know how you feel,wish I was in the waves now.I love the peom.Did you jut hink of thi poem right off?It neat how you think of your poems.I hope your having a nice weekend.

Unknown said...

Great poem

Unknown said...

Another great poem by Melissa :) That sure sounds tempting I would love to say in some water as we have the hot and humid weather finally.

Missie said...

Beautiful poem!!