Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ups & Downs

My day at work sucked. So much so that i dont even want to talk about it. But my day has gotten better since I got home. I got my buzz kit in the mail today.

As you know Im a buzz agent..if you didnt, well now you know. The Newest campaigne is Max Factor 2000 Calorie Etreme Lash Plumper and Vivid Impact Lip color. I tryed it and I love it. The Lip color I tryed was "Ms. Right" and "Vegas, baby". My favorite is "Ms. Right". Red is my favorite color. It goes on smooth and easy and adds the right kinda kick I need to my look. And I absolutely love the 2000 Calorie lash plumper. It makes my lashes look longer, bolder and definately plump. it accents the eyes in a major way. I'd definately recommend this make up. Its one of a kind.

Also I got my Day 26 cd today and I love it. Their 2nd cd is even better than the first one. I also got a movie from Netflix today. Its called "Red Mist". I hope its good. I talked to my boyfriend and he helped me feel alot better. He drew me a picture and wrote the sweetest words on it. It really helped to brighten my day since I was down earlier today.


Tabby said...

Awww sorry you had a horrible day, it is so sweet your man made you feel better :) I am glad you are a bzz agent sounds like you got some nice make-up. I got my Bzz kit today today, a video game system the whole family can play it's nice looking but still has to be set up. Just think only 2 more days until the weekend. I am also happy you got that cd you have been waiting for. I never heard of that movie, tell us what you think after you watch it.

Missy said...

Sorry you had a bad day girl... I had one of those yesterday. Sometimes it's really hard to sit in therapy all day long and talk about all this hard stuff... it's exhausting. Anyway, take care. Luv ya!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear that your work day sucked. That's great your man made you feel better