Thursday, November 6, 2008

6 Things about me
1. I wash my hands alot. Im a little obsessive about it, I might wash my hands between 4 to 6 times before I actually sit down and eat, and then I have to be careful not to touch anything on my way to my sit or this may result in more hand washing. (I feel ya Missy!) Which leaves me using lots of lotion cuz my hands get really dry cuz I wash them so much.

2. Me and my brother are best friends. I think he's one of the most funniest people in the whole world. He's one of those people who I can talk to or hear their voice and everything seems so much better.

3. I love to sleep. Specially in the winter time, being bundled up in blankets, all warm and cozy feels so good.

4. I love coca-cola. Its my most favorite drink in the whole wide world. You can blame my dad for that. He got me and my brother addicted to the stuff. When we were in school on the days he got paid he would bring us a coke home from work..that was the beginning of a never ending habit.

5. I have a hard time saying no to the people I love because I always want to make them happy.

6. Its very hard for me to trust people because of the way Ive been treated.

So, anyway, today at work wasnt too bad cuz I did'nt have to do anything too hard. I just had to cut up four pans of cake, put icing on it and put them all in little square trays. Then I had to make 25 peanut butter sandwhiches. Thankfully I managed to get a cart that didnt have much in it to put up. And they had those pre-packed salads as one of the choices so that made it easier in the dishroom. The only bad thing about that is it fills up the trash quick. I was running out of room, but I made it work. Theres so much drama that goes on there in on a daily basis, I try to just stay in my own bubble, do my job and get finished so I can go home. So...yeah..tomorrows friday, so ready for it to be over cuz I need some rest. Im tired..and sleepy...*sigh*


Tabby said...

Hi Melissa,

Well Friday is here. Now I loved your list, but I already knew you loved those Cokes...LOL I hope today at work does not have any drama so you can get home and snuggle up in your blankies.

Tabby :)

Yasmin said...

Melissa it's nice to know a little more about you, thanks for sharing.


Lainey Laine said...

Well now Im reading your entry its Friday!! yay!! Great entry. I love sleeping too!! Laine xxx

Winivere said...

You are so cute. I love you, Meli. LOL

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Its good to know a little more about you,Thank you for sharing. Hope your having a good night. Alvia

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

lol thats one thing i know that you are addicted to coca cola!

MISSY said...

I can understand the trust thing although I tend to do the opposite. I usually trust people to easily and get screwed. Luv ya and hope you're having a good weekend! *M*