Monday, November 3, 2008

As far as Monday's go..

Today at work...was..well work, it wasn't too bad tho. As usual somebody stayed out so that throws us behind. The dishroom was a little on the rough side, but on the bright side it kept me going non stop so the time went by pretty fast. I dont know whats wrong with my watch but I cant even change the time on it. If I cant get someone to fix it for me Im gonna have to get another one. I got a hat in the mail for free today. I was surprised. I've signed up for alot of those, but this one is the first one Ive ever gotten. Not like I need a hat, I dont even wear hats. I'll probably end up giving it away. It got kind of warm out today, but now it feels like its starting to get cold again. I guess my free subscription to tv guide is up. It lasted for awhile. But now how am I gonna know whats all coming on? My moms at the hospital waiting on her sister to get out of surgery. Aint no telling how long thats gonna be, she could be up there all day, so I have to cook. I remember when my mom was in surgery, we were up there all day, and then she had to stay there for a week afterwards because they had complications, so we were back and forth up there everyday all day. I was so glad when she could come home. I hate hospitals.


sober white women said...

What are you cooking? Maybe we will all come to your house for dinner!
I know that when I worked I liked it to be busy because at least time went by quick.

Yasmin said...

Glad for you that work was bearable today, hope you mum's sisters surgery goes ok.

Take care


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Thats good work was bearablr for you. Hope your mom's sister surgey goes well.

Tabby said...

Glad work was not too bad. Hope your aunt is alright. Free stuff is always nice. Hope today is good too!

MISSY said...

I hope everything goes okay with your aunt.

I spent a lot of time in hospitals when I was a kid. My grandma was always in there for cancer and other things from old age, my uncle has a disease called RSD and they were always operating or doing something to him.

Me and my cousin Boomer got to know that hospital like the back of our hands! We ran the floors and took over lol. We would stand on the balconies and shoot water guns at doctors and push the emergency stop buttons on all of the escalators.

I remember we were always on the search for the morgue lol. "hell of a way to grow up huh" lol.. we had fun though. We had to with all the time we spent there.

Have a good evening. *M*