Friday, November 14, 2008

Like it or dont

What I like..
I like the fact that its friday and I have two days to rest
I like that I have chips to stuff my face with all weekend
I like that Jeff dunham has a Christmas special coming on Sunday
I like that its raining and I dont have to be out in it
I like that its getting closer and closer to me seeing "Twilight"
I like that I can chat with Missy alot
What I dont like
I dont like that Im sleepy this early
I dont like the way ive been eating so much
I dont like that I can think of many things I dont like at the moment (which is weird)
I actually got a ride to work this morning so I didnt have to walk in the rain but I wasnt getting away with not getting soak, no way. It had stopped raining so I thought Id go take some trash out. yeah as soon as I reached the dumpster, the sky cried on me again *sigh*. I mean mother nature must me down right depressed and taking it out on me, I just dont get it. So I had to walk around in wet legs even started to get cold and felt like they were freezing. After work I had to hit the atm machine. Well, i didnt actually hit it but you know..I had a few things to get. Then I made it back home. I had to walk down to George earlier tonight cuz I forgot to give my mom the money to get me a case of cokes. It was hard for me to sleep thing morning cuz it was storming. Thundering and lightening, then the tornado siren came on. So I was waking up on and off. Normally I sleep thru that stuff but for some reason it was waking me up. Anyway, im sleepy so...Im out for now..


Tabby said...

you are such a sweet not think of it as bad rain but as God crying when you have a bad day.

Big hugs sweety


Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww love you Melissa. Im so so scare of thunder and lightening!!! yikes!!! And a tornado! I would prob die if I heard a siren for one! I hope the rain stops soon and you enjoy your weekend rest from work. Love Laine xxxxx

MISSY said...

I like talking to you too :)

You haven't had much luck with the rain lately. Keep a freakin' pancho in your back pocket if you have too!

I know what you mean by the bottom falling out of the sky like you said the other day. I was taking Antonio to karate this morning and it just started pouring! It was so unexpected and it didn't even start slow. We got soaked!

He had picture day at karate so we had to get him all cleaned up before he went in lol. The pictures are great though!!!

(By the way: I'm kind of glad you aren't sleeping through tornado sirens lol)

Have a good day. (((HUGS))) -Missy

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Stay safe and warm and relax and eat those chips...I love the days I don't have much to I have to run get some pies am going to a lunch with my family tomorrow and the day is to be nice...good thing today is awful....think I will make my son run in and buy the pies when I pick him up from his that he can pump gas and run in the store now...some day he can drive to get it a good weekend friend..Hugs,TerryAnn

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope your weekend is going wonderful for you

Winivere said...

LOL Meli. Always complaining but happy to see you have some things to be happy about!!!!

IndigoSunMoon said...

We had a hell of a thunderstorm last night. Lightning, thunder, wind the whole works. Then we lost our power. Ugh! But it was so wierd seeing the lightning flashes, and those loud claps of thunder especially when it was so cold!