Thursday, January 15, 2009

One more day of this

Man..Im so exhausted. Today at work was not good for me. I was in a bad mood all day at work, everyone was getting on my last nerves, and I was trying so hard not to snap on anyone. Man was it hard! One teacher...had the nerve to ask me what was wrong with me, and its not even that she asked me that but how she asked me...I was so close to snapping on her. She already has an irritating personality. I seriously cant deal with her on a moody day. I was so glad to get away from that place. After work I walked to the atm machine and then I got a money order, then I came back home. Lastnight me and my brother watched the movie "Planet Terror". It was good, but so gross. I found myself covering my face more than once. I didnt get in bed til after 1am..not sure what time I ended up falling asleep. That might be the reason I woke up in a bad mood, because I haven't been getting enough rest. Im gonna try hard to go to bed earlier tonight.


Amelia said...

What was Planet Terror about?

That teacher needs to mind her own business and not worry about what's wrong with you!


Unknown said...

That teacher needs to worry about her own business instead of yours. Planet Terror looks and sounds like a good movie

Unknown said...

I hope today is better. I get grumpy when I do not get enough sleep too. Did you watch supernatural last night, it was creepy? At least it's Friday!!!!!

Missie said...

I hope you have a good weekend.