Saturday, January 3, 2009

Too much Coughing

I havent been feeling too good today, so I havent done much. I've been in a weird mood and i cant stop coughing, its starting to make me feel sick. Nothing good is on tv. I have to wait til 11 to watch the netflix movie I got today, its called jumper. Him and my dad are watching the game.Ive been watching these two webseries that I found today and yesterday. One is called "Tylers Ride" and the other is called "Tangled Web. I should go read...or something..


Missy said...

I used to get lost in my books. The computer took away from my reading enjoyment. I need to start reading again because it used to be a major stress relief for me, an escape from reality.

Jumper was great! *M*

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Hope you get to feeling better hun...big hugs and happy new year..TerryAnn

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope you're feeling better very soon.

ReRe said...

looking for good tv?
check out mommas boys on NBC! it's ridiculously bad! (in a good way)