Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tacky Tuesday

Tacky Tuesday

It is just so tacky for someone to come up to me and tell me that they want an adult plate tomorrow..1st today is not tomorrow, 2nd I know what a freakin adult plate is which still might not be as much as you want it to be but its just tacky to bring it all up the day before like Im gonna be walking round getting ready to serve you tomorrow...yeah right.

It is so tacky for someone to go and tell my boss that I didnt finish the dishes in the dishroom. If this certain lazy person hadnt been so freakin fast to do it herself I would have gotten around to it.

It is extremely tacky to make us serve 7 different foods on one tray and 5 on another. 10 things to serve in all with people piling up back to back.

It is really tacky for almost all the teacher to come on my side to get their tray when theres another line on the other end completely open.

It is sadly tacky for me to have to tell the back up person more than two times that I need something on the line and still not get it and then ending up having to go back and get it myself.

It is horribly tacky for me to realize when I go back in the back to get what should have been brought to me to see the back up person sitting in the middle of the freakin floor! (I kid you not)

And it is sickeningly tacky for a substitute teacher to come to the door yelling "Hello!" loudly over and over again like we dont know people are out their waiting to be fed. Its not like were sitting in the back lounging...well, some of us anyway.

And last but certainly not least, it is definately tacky to tell me how to do my job when I know what Im doing.

*Everyone who reads this please please, go by my friends page and leave her some love. Her sister died today and she needs love and support to help her thru this hard time. Thanks in advance..heres the link.



sober white women said...

Oh dear! Do I need to come visit and put people in line for you. I do hope that tomorrow is better for you.
I will go by your friends blog.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

I hope today is better then yesterday for you. If she visit to put people in line can I visit too cuase I wanna see her do it LOL

Tabby said...

I will definately stop by your friends page, so very sorry to hear that! I did love your tackiness stories though, some people need to get a clue. By the way if you ever find out what an adult plate is, let us know.

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

Who ratted on you im going to come to your job and beat her down!

Cheryl said...

What is an adult plate?

Missy said...

Yeah, you work with some very childish people. So do I.