Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursdays Thoughts

Im so glad that tomorrow is friday. I look forward to sleeping in saturday morning since I didnt get a chance to last saturday. Even tho I only had to work four days this week it still seemed long. I've been having trouble with my allergies all week. I actually went to bed early lastnight because I felt so bad. I did sleep good tho. I had to take a nap today too because I had to take some knock out medicine. I got a movie from netflix today called "The Ruins". I dont know if Im going to watch it tonight or wait. It depends on if this medicine has worn off by 11 tonight. Theres no way I'll be able to sit up and watch a movie with my head swooning all over the place. Anybody watch "Super natural" tonight. Im finding alot of scratches all over my arms and hands lately and I dont know where they are coming from. Weird..Im always hurting myself.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

I save seen the movie "The Ruins".It was good. I liked it,

Tabby said...


I watched supernatural I liked it it was not too gory! I hope you feel better, what kind of allergies do you have in winter? I wonder how you scratch yourself, are your nails long? Maybe when your sleeping. When my nails are real long I always scratch my face by accident when I am sleeping. Hope you sleep late tomorrow I plan on it!

Missy said...

I liked The Ruins.. it was gory.

I think Snowflake is getting you in your sleep. I bet you move your hands and legs in your sleep and she's smacking at you.