Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday

Im so glad its Friday and the work day is over with. Its been raining hard all day long. I had to walk to work in the rain and empty trash in the rain. Some peoples power went out over this way but thankfully ours didn't. Today would have been a great day to sleep in. If it does rain anymore this weekend at least I dont have to get up early and get out in it. Ghost whisper comes on tonight. Fancy gave me a invitation to her Birthday party today. Its a tree down in the road over this way. I like Beyonce's new song "Single Ladies". I still haven't gotten my voice all the way back. I guess because Im still coughing, who knows.


Amelia said...

Hope you have a good weekend! *M*

Unknown said...

Hope it gets nicer out for you. I am actually looking forward to a rainy day so I can be lazy.

Emmi said...

have a great weekend.