Saturday, October 4, 2008

Allergy Fog

Man, allergies suck. I dont know why now they want to start flaring up again. But on top of that time of the month, sneezing my head off and this medicine making me sleepy, I dont know how to feel. I've been trying to sleep it off but at first I couldn't get to sleep and then when I finally was able to fall asleep I was woken up. I went to blockbusters today to get the movie "Iron Man". My dad wanted to rent it but wanted me to go and get it. I was gonna get it from Netflix but hey if he wants to get it himself thats one movie I dont have to pay for. Whatelse? Oh I got a movie from netflix today called "Daddys Little Girl". I talked to Paul eariler today. Im so glad that he was in a much better mood cuz whenever he's upset, I'm upset too. He said he'd call me back later, im sure he probably has tried but my brother is in his room with the phone glued to his ear talking to his friend Mike. Seriously they talk for hours on the phone, rarely talk on the phone all that much. I got this bag of hersheys minitures to soothe my sweet tooth. I really dont need to keep eating like that, but whatelse is there to do when you got the munchies.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear your allergies are flaring up. I know how that is. I have seen "Daddys Little Girl" I liked it. It was a good movie.

Missie said...

I've been outside a lot today and now I'm sitting here tonight suffering from allergies. Getting ready to take some allergy meds now so I too can suffer from allergy fog! LOL

MISSY said...

Hey Melissa, I hope you're allergies get better. Not feeling to well on this end either. More emotional right now than physical though. Rough times..

Take care girl.

Tabby said...

Hi Melissa,

Sure hope you feel better, I have allergies also and know what its like. Thanks for stopping by my site, I just love all your tags. Hope your weekend is making up for the crappy week.
Have a great day!

Winivere said...

Meli! So happy you found me! I've missed ya, Girl! I love reading your blog. This new site looks like trouble... How will I ever be able to keep up with reading journals?!!!!!!!#
Love XX,

Millie said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering with allergies ~ not good :-(

I hope tomorrow has you feeling much better.

Take care


Amanda said...

Hi there,thanks for leaving a comment.Ii sure hope I dont have to do this again.I hope your having a nice day and feeling better from your alagries.