Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, my feelings and emotions are all over the place. I'll be glad when this time of the month is over with. I haven't been doing much today besides watching my tapes. I'm on the last one, so hopefully my mom is done watching "Iron Man" so I can watch it. It has to go back tomorrow. My brother has been picking at me all day long. Usually its funny and doesnt bother me but right now im just too emotionally unstable. Im looking at "Monster House", its a cute cartoon. I talked to Paul earlier, we couldn't talk long cuz he had to go. I think he had to go to work, Im not sure. Everyone decided they wanted to come in my room and bother me while Im trying to talk, its so freakin annoying. Im so glad I only have to work 4 days next week. Then I'll be off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I was thinking about going to see a movie, I dont know. "Quarentine" comes out Friday so maybe...I dont know.


Amelia said...

Let me know if Iron Man was any good.


Nicole said...

I really liked Iron Man and I wanted to see Quarentine but probably won't for a little while.

Missie said...

YAZ does really well keeping those hormonal emotions at bay. If you havn't tried it, I would recommend you do.

Unknown said...

Hi Melissa,

Sure hope your feeling better tomorrow. You need to lock the door to your room and just vegg out some more watching movies. I have to still see Iron Man hope it was good.

Lainey Laine said...

Hey Melissa, thanks for being a follower on my blog!! Im feeling really welcomed in blogger world! Hey hormones suck dont they!! They never behave, well mine don't. Ive not seen Iron Man - is it any good? Laine xx

Winivere said...

Hey Meli, you may want to become a movie critic! LOL... Hope that time of the month passes soon! I love you!