Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movie and Stuff

Well...I have a headache...again. I had one early and took something, so I dont really want to take anymore. I think Im gonna hold off and see if it will go away on its on. I watched the movie called "Room 205" today. Its one of those 8 Ghost House movies. It was interesting. Its about these people staying in this place...seems like dorm rooms or something, anyway, a woman tortured and raped in one of the rooms and ended up dying in front of the mirror, so her soul was trapped inside the mirror and when it broke, it released her spirit and she went on a killing spree. It was interesting. Not scary or anything unless your just really squimish, but it holds your interest. I was a little distracted at first tho because it looked like they did voice overs...lips didnt match the word type thing. But after awhile I stopped noticing it as much. earlier today I went to Blockbuster to rent "The Incredible Hulk". I guess I might watch it again, I already saw it in the theather when it first came out. My dad wanted to rent it so I went and got it. Then I went to Roses. My folks are a trip. My mom was saying she wanted Fig nutons and honey buns and my dad was suppose to give me the money to get it, then when I get in the truck he says he's not getting anything. Sends me in the store with $1.98 to get toilet paper but their wasnt any lower than 3 dollars and something, so I ended up coming back with nothing but a movie. You know she fussed about it but..he dont care. And I just want to be left out of it.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear you have a headache..Hope it goes away quickly for you. I haven't seen "Room 205" or "The Incredible Hulk". Hope your weekend is a great one

Lainey Laine said...

Awwww you keep getting them headaches!! Hope it goes away! I havent seen Room 205 I might put it on my rental list! Laine xx

Tabby said...

Hi there,

You should see the doctor about those frequent headaches it could be migraines. I hope it went away quickly though. Im a little behind on reading the blogs so I hope the rest of your weekend was good and Monday not too much of a pain.