Monday, October 6, 2008

Mondays Moments

This morning when I was walking to work it was a dog in the road, he was dead, had bricks on top of him. It was a sad sight to see. It looked like somebody must have beat the dog to death with bricks. I hate how some people are so cruel to animals. Its just not right. I had a bad headache this morning too. I dont know if it was because of the cold air or the fact that I saw that poor dog that way had me shedding tears. Either way, my head was pounding. Oh, I saw David Archuletta's new video this morning, its so cute. Its called "Crush". I want his cd. That boy has such a big beautiful voice to be so young. I heard the ladies at work talking bout something happening over by the apartments on Morrow Avenue. Something about police, people getting arrested and somebody kicking in the doors, I dont know what happened but Im just glad I dont stay over that way anymore. I used to live in those apartments a long time ago. I was in my early years of elementary. Its just weird hearing about stuff like that. And for everybody who's wondering about "Iron Man", I watched it lastnight, I liked it alot. Looks like their might be a second part to it the way it ended. I think the man who played Iron Man has so pretty eyes. Anyway, I was up late watching it but it was good. I think my dvd player is messed up. The last two movies I watched Ive had to watch them on my computer. I dont know what to do, I was thinking of getting a new vcr for Christmas cuz thats been messed up, but now I need a dvd player too.


Unknown said...

Poor Dig I dont understand how ayone can be soo cruel to do something like that. I haven't seen "Iron Man", but want to see it. I see there is a "SAW V" coming out. A lot of times you can get VCR/DVD together cheaper then buying the seperately. Hope you're evening is gooing good for you. Alvia

Nicole said...

That is really sad and sick that someone did that to that poor creature.

Amelia said...

Somebody's gotta be disturbed to hurt an animal like that.

I'm glad Iron Man was good.


Loz said...

Thats horrible about that dog. Cant imagine how you must have felt.

Sara said...

Poor little dog... never ceases to surprise me, how cruel some people can be. What a horrible thing to see :o(
((( )))

Unknown said...

What a horrible thing to see its a sad world we live in! I would of been crying too as I just love all animals, I think people who hurt animals should be put in jail.

Im glad you liked the movie the name of the actor is Robert Downey Jr. he was actually really big in the 80's when I was a teenager its funny to see him back doing stuff.

Hope you fell better soon and get that new dvd/vcr player.