Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forgot to mention..

I hate to work late today. Mighty funny all of a sudden we can work late, but they want to always say we cant have over time. I really hope she wont start that mess tomorrow saying that I have to stay on my break longer. I mean I have no problem having a longer break but then they throws me behind in the dishroom. Them teachers wont wait, they send them kids right on up to the window wether im in there or not and let them pile right up. And they all want to bring all of their classes up at once, so once it starts piling up its hard to catch up until I can finally get a break in between classes, plus I gotta keep changing out garbage bags and trying to find time to run out to the dumpster to empty the trash and wash the dishes and stack them up so they'll have clean dishes for the serving line. Im pretty fast so it dont take me all that long to catch up, but dang..that mess wears me out and I dont like to rush. Im a fast pace person on a normal level anyway so for me to need them to slow up, means its too much too fast. I never claimed to be Super woman or the energizer bunny but they seem to think so. The site manager Mrs. Tuts (toots) was there watching us today. She told our manager to tell me I have to put lime-away in the dish machine every friday. Yet another thing to add of my list of things to do, I hope I can remember. Once I get the hang of it, Im fine but all there years nobody told me I was suppose to do that every week. But everytime she comes in there she always changing up stuff. I guess she's just doing her job, but dang it seems like her job is to give me extra stuff to do, like I dont have enough to do. Fancy keeps asking me if Im still coming to her birthday party. I already told her yeah, as long as Stacy picks me up cuz I have no other way to get there. Now I have to try to find a freakin gift. Honestly I dont like shopping for people, specially people I dont know. People are so picky and Im just like..I mean I feel like its the thought that count. How are you gonna complain about a gift someone gives you when they didnt have to give you anything to begin with? If you dont want it give it back. But anyway..its fun shopping for people who I know will be happy with whatever I get them. I know few people like that. Theres two people I know of that I can buy them anything and they'll be happy. My dad use to be that way but he done changed..I dont know what his problem is. Basically Ive just started giving money as gifts, I mean who doesn't like money? But I know people who would complain about the amount you gave them..those types you just cant please, anyway, Im thinking im just gonna buy a card and stick some cash in it and Im done. Oh wow, I just saw the preview for "Twilight", for the first time. And it comes out November 21st so I can definately see it on my birthday, yay! Im so obsessed with the characters Bella and Edward. I feel like I can relate some what to their relationship...not the vampire-human part no, but I've always had a vampire fantasy...yeah Im not gonna get into that but Im so exicted now! I know...doesn't take much.


Amelia said...

I would do the money in the card thing or bake something. Those are usually gifts people can agree on. What is this vampire fantasy about?? lol *M*


Unknown said...

I would also do the card with money in it, Cant go wrong with money as a gift.

Missie said...

I agee with the peanut gallery. Can't go wrong with money.

Enjoy your day,

sober white women said...

I think a gift card is a good way to go. Don't work to hard!

Emmi said...

I'd do a card with money or a gift certificate. You can never go wrong with this.

Lainey Laine said...

Yeah card and money is fine! Dont waste your time looking for a present when you dont know if they will appreciate it or not. Lainexxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Melissa

I know how aggravating it can be when people keep changing your job responsibilities with out letting you in on it.

I think I a card with cash is fine or get a gift card to Blockbuster or something like that.

I know what you mean about the Twilight movie I saw the trailer on TV last nite I was so excited too. I love the characters in the book, are you stil on book 2?

Hope your day is not too bad.