Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 Down, 2 to go

I forgot to mention yesterday that as we were getting ready to leave the boss passes out these emails to us saying that they are cutting the funding on school lunch. So Im wondering, what in the heck the kids are suppose to eat. They cant have kids in school all day and not feed them, parents all over will be flipping out. I dont know what they are planning to do be but I doubt its gonna last. You cant go messing with childrens food. Mess around and have a riot on their hands. Those women talk about the craziest stuff. Yesterday at the end of the day they were discussion what kind of underwear like do and dont like to wear. And today they were talking about all the people they new who treated their mothers wrong and then died. So weird. The new custodian name Rhonda starts asking me how long I had been working there and she doing the math all in her head trying to figure out how old I am and she has the nerve to say she knows I like my job cuz its easy and we dont have much to do. First, how the heck would she know, she doesn't work with me. Second my job is not easy, and we have a whole lot to do. Our problem is they want us to do alot in a short amount of time. I probably do more in the hours I work than she does all day. I've done custodial work at the schools before, they have alot of hours and sometimes they are just sitting round doing nothing. I hate when people who dont know what they are talking about run their mouth, assuming things when they dont know Jack. She really needs to back off, people already talking bout she get on their nerves and she just started working there. We got invited to get some breakfast in the gym today. They served breakfast for the dads. Its funny to me how they are always doing things for the dads up there, they never have a day for the moms. I think the lady who is head of the stuff just does that to try to meet men. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I appreciated the breakfast tho. They had grits, sausages, bisccuits, pastries, donuts, orange juice and coffee. I had everything except coffee, I dont drink the stuff, I know alot of people that do but Ive never liked it, I tried to drink it but..yuck.


MISSY said...

I can't live without my coffee :)

How are they going to cut funds on school lunches?? I don't even think they can do that can they? Wow, I would be throwing a fit myself.

I wouldn't worry to much about what that lady thinks about your job. People do things like that when they don't like their own jobs.

That's funny about the other lady throwing parties for the dads! Maybe she thinks she's going to find herself a sugar daddy lol.


Lainey Laine said...

Hey thanks for visiting my new blog!!!! I loved your Haiku!! You was good at that!! Keep it up!! Laine xxxx