Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bit early

Morning everyone. I usually wait until the end of the week to post samples but theres a few walmart samples in here and they always go quick. So I thought id better get them in early so if anyone was interested they'd have a chance to get it. Man I am so freakin sleepy. I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed I had all these new people working with me in the dishroom and they were just screwing everything up. Everything looked different, it was just weird. Im seriously ready for this week to be over with. My nerves were just completely wrecked lastnight. I played this cool computer game tho. I hope today at work isnt bad. *sigh*

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Tabby said...


Hope your day speeds by....I am so ready for the weekend also. What game did you play? Thanks for the samples as always :) I hate weird dreams! Watch Supernatural tonight.

sober white women said...

I do hope that work went well for you. Just think soon it will be spring break!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

I hope that work went well for you and that your weekend is a wonderful one