Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sundays Samples & Poetry

Last night Inspirarion hit me while I was listening to some music and out flowed these words.

Block out the light, cant bear to open my eyes, closing my ears, dont want to hear your lies, sound proof the room, so noone hears my cries
All alone, so I talk to myself, sanity tells me its bad for my health, But I dont care what you think and I dont care what you say, the voices in my head tells me Im ok

Is there ever enough 2 go around, people trying 2 knock you down, standing on ur toes trying 2 reach the top wondering if the pain will stop
Pleasure and pain, venom and blood, mix it all in with the rain and mud. You breathe in, exhale with a hiss, all around you smells like piss
Rain drops fall on your lips, rocks and pebbles crushed against your hips
You feel the heat, you feel the strain, you hold your breath and welcome the rain
Its no illusion, your all alone
And all you wish for, is for the pain to be gone

Unraveling and frayed, held against your will
dont know what to think or how to feel
doesnt feel real, cant be right
how can you feel this everynight
bound and pressed against the glass
couldnt buy your way out with cash
nothing to do but wait for it to happen again
ready, set, lets begin

Savor the taste, reliquish your hunger
your cravings getting stronger
cant hold back any longer
You feel like your right on the edge
disturbingly close to the end of the ledge
Left with your lonely mind to wonder
your screams drowned out by the sound of the thunder

Here are you samples I've found during the week. Hope theres some things people might like to sign up for.

If your a vegaterian, or want to become one, heres a free book with recipes and tips on how to go Veg

Free Condom (click on the little pack of condoms)

Free stuffed animal & blanket (choose from a bear, pig, lamb or piggy)

Free National Wildlife pillow

Free Nail Polish

Free Subscritpion to Elle Magazine

Free Water Bottle

Free hair gel

Free Panty Liners

Free body oil samples


Missy said...

I did the stuffed animal/blanket and the panty liners.. Thanks for sharing these links!! (I bet we're signing ourselves up for all kinds of junk mail too tho lol)

I love that poem you wrote.

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

i love your poem hun.