Saturday, March 21, 2009

Questions asked

Well seems like my whole day has been spent working on letters. Im finally finished thankfully. 12 freakin letters! Thats why I try so hard not to get this behind but I guess sometimes it cant be helped. One of my penpals always ends the letter with about 10 questions for me and I do the same in his letters. These are the questions I came up with this time. And I was hoping my readers would answer these too, because Im curious of what kind of answers I would get. Of course you dont have too but it would make my weekend if you did. :)
1. What is your favorite alcohol drink.
2. What was one of yout favorite hang outs.
3. What would your dream house look like?
4. What would a perfect day be like for you?
5. If you could invent the perfect woman what would she be like?
6. Would you rather have love and be broke or be rich and live without love.
7. Would you consider yourself an emotional person?
8. If you had to think to breathe, do you think you might forget?
9. Whats the best dream you ever dreamt?
10. Do you believe in ghosts?


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((MAELISSA)))))))))))))))I am going to asnwer your questions.What is my favorite alcoho drink?Well,every once in a blue moon.and thats very realery do I have a drink,I love to have a Kaula and cram,it makes you relax,I can only drink one.LOL.What was one of my favorite hang outs?I think that would be the times I had many sleep overs when I was in High School,so much fun,staying up late,laughing and talking,watching movies.What would my dream house look like?I am not to sure about that,I picture myself living with my Boyfriend,He has a small house,its just Him living there.What would a perfect day be like for me?Spending a day with my Boyfriend,just haning out,being with eachotherdoing what we do best,going to Target,getting the new relseses,getitng something for diner.That and spending a whole week in Ocean City Md.If you could invent the perfect woemn what would I be like?Hmmmmmmmmmm,so many things.Dont know were to start.I think I am actullay liking my body now,sometimes.LOL.How ever,would love to have it,were I can wear a size 8 in jeans.LOL.But I am ok with the way I look now,just as long as I dont have to much weight on my knees,alot better if you dont have to much weight.I will tel you,I used to weigh up to 200,was a long time ago.Not to long.I would love to dye my hair red.Would you rather have love and be brome o be rich and live without love?Well,I can answer that now,I am broke.LOL.I am broke and in love,but to me,being rich doesnt matter,I would rather have love and not be rich.Would you consider yourself an emotioal person?At times,but I conisder myself more alone and sad than emotioal.If that makes since.If you had to think to breathe,do you think you might forget?I know this may sound stupid,but,I have done that before,sometimes if I am thinking to hard,mostly when I am at work and rushing around,sometimes,it will hapen and I forget to breathe,than I have to catch myself.LOL.What is the best dream I have?One times I actullay dramnt that I was back on the Disney cruise and felt like I was there.LOL.that was fun.Most of the time,I just have werid dreams and cant make sence of them.Do you belive ghots?I think I do,but than again,in this crazy world,there is all kinds of crazyness.Hoe you like the answers.Have a nice nightI think I am starting to feel alot better. :)

Tabby said...


Here are my answers:
1)Frozen strawberry magarita no salt
2)Hang outs-My house now that I am old but I used to love Flanagans bar in my crazy days
3)I would love to live in a log cabin (with all the convenience's)
4)I would be on vacation with Dave some where tropical and we would get up early have a nice breakfast, lounge at the pool, maybe see some sites later in the afternoon and have a Nice dinner and see a band. (That's what we did on our vacation it was heaven!)
5)me of course...LOL, I do not know there could be such a thing
6)I would rather be poor in love
7)I can be emotional at times (pms), but would not consider myself overly emotional
8)I would probably forget to breathe when I was sleeping, that would be weird
9)I am not sure about the best dream I can remember was my papa and nana where alive again
10)I do believe in ghosts, we had a poltergiest in my house when I was a teenager