Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morning Routine

I was just wondering what everyones morning routine was.The first thing I do is slap my alarm clock. That thing takes a beating every morning. Now after changes from time to time, like yesterday some how after slapping that annoying box on my table I went back to sleep. Ended up over sleeping by 36 minutes. Then when I jumped up it took me forever to find my freaking glasses. And guess where they were? On the floor! But I digress. But on a normal morning (whatever that is) I usually get up (after abusing wake up tool) and turn on my computer, go to the bathroom, pee, clean myself, brush my teeth (not exactly in that oder) go back to my room, put on my work clothes, deoderant, comb & brush my hair, turn on the tv and listen to creflo dollar while looking around online. What else do I do? Hmm..put on my watchor whatever other jewelry I might be wearing..sometimes I foget my watch. I liseten to Joyce Meyers for about 15 minutes. Get my purse, cd player, jacket, phones and whatever else I might decided to take and Im out the door...but not before turning off the computer, tv, checking the stove, turning off all the lights in the house, including nightlights and porch lights and Im walking down the street. Im doing good if Im out the door at 7:45, I have to be to work at 8 but most days Im not so lucky. Yesterday didnt start out good because of waking up late and then when i get to work before I can even clock in Im asked to sign a statement saying what I heard being said about the gun. So I did that. I was told by her (our site manager) that noone would know except our school manager, her and the other girl who heard about the gun. But later after breakfast I hear my boss stand up telling everyone that me and that girl had to sign a statement. To me that is so unprofessional and she keeps alot of mess stirred up herself. Later on the lady who was talking about bringing a gun to school was told to go to the central office by the boss over all the schools. She told her she couldnt cuz her car wouldnt make it that far. So she ended up coming down to our school calling her to the office. I guess they had a meeting with her and the principal. Long story made shorter, she ended up being suspended for 10 days. Now to me that is stupid. Why not just fire her since she had caused so much problems and get us someone else in her place. Now were gonna be out 2 people cuz I know they are not gonna send someone to replace her until she gets back so that just makes things even worse for us. I just dont know about these people. Do they even think? Seriously?! But whatever..(now back to our regularly scheduled programming) So what is everyone else's morning routines. I really would like to know. Hoping your day is filled with less drama than mine.

~on the verge of a early morning headache


Amanda said...

((((((((((((MeLLISSA)))))))))))Sorry,its been a while since I posted a comment,actullay,I have not been keeping up with my Blog either.I feel sorry for your alrm clock.LOL.I dont need one to get me up early,even when I used to have to be at work at 4 in the moring.Its bee awhile since I did an entry.Maybe today,I will do one.depeding on how I feel.My moring routine is,usllay sleeping in till I go to work,because,I usllay work from1:30 to 5:30,and I usllay close from 4 to 8.Today,I had to work early,but,I called out,was to sick to go into work,I was up all night,from 7:30 till this moring.I have a big head ache.I love your graffics,were did you get them from?ar they from a Tv show.Oh yeah,every time I see,the commerical from Twlight,I think of you and I want that movie.Have a good day.

sober white women said...

My mornings are very much routine. I often can't find my glasses and I have to woner where they are. I must have coffee and a smoke before I can even speak! I do hope that you have a great day.

Tabby said...

Hi Melissa,

Good to hear from you! Sorry about all that drama at work...geesh. Well my morning routine is the same every morning pretty muchh. My alarm goes off at 7:30 I usually get right up as my cat jumps on me as soon as she hears my alarm and puts her nose to my nose to be sure I am awake (she knows it's almost time for her wet food). I then stagger to the bathroom, have a pee and turn the shower on. For the most part I lay my clothes out at night otherwise if I wait until the morning I would just stand in front of the closet in a daze. I get in the shower then get out. Then after I get out I dry off, brush hair put towel on head, then put my visine in my eyes, put on eye cream, face cream, brush teeth, then put on perfume and spray on hair gel. Then I put on clothes, put on makeup, do hair (I go to work a lot with my hair wet). Then I go into the living room sit down to put my shoes on. Next I go into the kitchen and give the meowing kitten her food and if I remember grab something from the fridge to take for lunch. I am out the door everyday at 8:10 I have to be at work at 8:30 and work about 4 miles away....Oh ya I usually stop at 7-11 on the way to work and get my coffee, fruit and breakfast. I am very predictable.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Poor alarm clock..Dont really have a Morning routine..Hope yhou have a great day!! BTF you got some cool tags posted on your bolg..;-)lol