Monday, March 30, 2009

Strange Feelings

sometimes I feel so different inside
Theres noone I can tell, noone to confide
Noone here when I need to talk or need a friend
What happens when I hurt, will anyone be there in the end
It hurts sometimes to feel so strange
Possibly sick, some what deranged
But theres nothing you can say, nothing to do
Sometimes I dont know who or what is actually true


Missy said...

I'm here girl. I may not be Online as much as I used to be or chat as much but I am your friend and if you need to talk, call me, text me, e-mail me, or IM me.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry you fell that way..I know we dont chat or talk much and Im not online a lot but Im here too if you need to talk

sober white women said...

I am here as well! You can also chat with me on face book. Hang tight.