Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

I forgot my chocolate milk & oranges at work today

Two of my fav songs right now: Dead and gone By: T.I. F.
Justin Timberlake & Rockin that thang By: The Dream

Dead and gone is the ring tone on my phone

I rarely hear it cuz nobody calls me on it

I got some baby wipes and a cosmo magazine in the mail for free today

My aunt annoyed the crap out of me today cuz she wants to all of a sudden start planning these family get together, and I guess cuz she had a new idea Im pose to jump? I think not

I want something to eat but theres nothing here to snack on

I have the munchies cuz of my allergie meds

But I dont feel like walking to the store

I feel as high as a kite and I dont like it

Im drinking water right now

I've been thinking about taking a nap all day but it never happened

I was up til 2am watching a movie last night called "Day watch"

It was weird but good

I got the movie "Night watch" in the mail today

Yesterday I went to Roses & Walmart

Its starting to feel like summer time already

Thats why I have on shorts

I downloading this game called "Mortimer Beckett and the
Secrets of Spooky Manor". The stupid thing came up but then it wouldnt play. :(


sober white women said...

We dont have anything to munch on either! I love my ring tone, but the only people that call me are the ones that want something. If our family ever got together then the fight would be on cnn! LOL

Tabby said...

Hi Melissa,

I love your graphics are they from final fantasy? Did you get some prescription allergy meds? I hate when people plan stuff and expect you to jump! How could you stay up so late on a work night, I sure hope you have today off. Have a good one.

IndigoSunMoon said...

Honey, anything that Justin Timberlake sings makes me swoon!

Missie said...

Allergy meds knock me out. I can't stay awake no matter what I do! LOL

Have a good weekend!

Missie said...

Allergy meds knock me out. I can't stay awake no matter what I do! LOL

Have a good weekend!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope your weekend is a great one

Missy said...

Yeah... I feel ya on the whole random "lets get together and be a family" after years of barely talking... I wouldn't jump either.