Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy me

I had planned on doing an entry yesterday but I was waiting around to go to the store..I guess I could have while I was waiting but anyway, I finally made it to the store. I got my money orders and stuff. Rode to KFC to get dinner and then back home. Then when I got home, me and junior ate dinner and watched the movie "Twilight" and the dvd extras. It was long, so it took awhile to finished. It had to have been like after 3pm when we started watching and it was about 7pm or after when we finished. So later after it was over I started playing this really cute game called "Emerald City Confidential". I really shouldnt have started playing it so late. I didn't start playing the game until 8pm. I ended up staying up playing it until 6am. Yeah. I know Im crazy, but it was so much fun and I wanted to finish it and since I didnt have to get up early to go to work today it didnt really matter. Oh, and I want to say thank you Alvia, for letting me use all of your wondeful tags. I think Im addicted to your fotki..ha ha..seriously, lol.


Amelia said...

Alvia does have some awesome tags.. I'm jealous you got all these lol.. I finally saw Twilight, it was really good!!

Unknown said...

I have done that myself wen playing a game I enjoyed playing..

Unknown said...

Sounds like your having a great vacation! So what did you think of the Twilight movie, I liked it but was a little disappointed because the movie did not make me feel the way the book did. I think Edward was great but did not care for the actress playing Bella, maybe because I guess in real life she is supposedly a bitch. I love Alvia's tags also. Have fun you deserve a nice vacation.