Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mental Issues

Today at work wasnt bad at all. Can you believe I had a drama free day? Phew! Anyway, Im tired. I heard today that one of the girls that used to work with us (but she got transferred cuz the boss couldn't get along with her) that she's in the hospital on the 6th floor. I guess thats the mental patients floor..I dont know, I never been down there. Anyway, of course my boss loves to spread stuff so she was telling us that someone told her that the girl came to work one day and went to the office, called her mom and told her that people at work were picking on her, so her mom came up there and she was looking at her mom like she didnt know who she was. The boss lady told us that her mom talked to the manager and they said they hadnt even seen her today and nobody had been picking on her. Anyway, to shorten a long story they say she hadn't been talking her medication for awhile, so I guess..crap, I dont know. I mean I know she always acting like she was..not all the way there. I just thought she was slow. I didnt know she was on medication for depression or whatever else. I hope she gets better tho. She said that her husband has been in and out of the hospital for mental problems too. They have a baby that she had not too long ago..I wonder who takes care of the baby.


Yasmin said...

Hey Melissa hope your well I haven't stopped by for a while.

With your work situation I don't know the job situation where you live but maybe it's time you looked for another job all this one is doing is bringing you down, I a job is better than no job, but it just sounds terrible there. Sorry I don't mean to poke my nose in, it's just a thought.

Take care


Unknown said...

Hope today is a better day for you at work..more cool tagsyou got posted there..;-) lol

sober white women said...

I am so glad that there was no drama for you. I do hope that this gal will be o.k.