Monday, February 16, 2009

Back 2 It

So its back to work tomorrow. Im not ready for it at all. Even tho I had 4 days off it doesnt even seem like it cuz one day I was sick, the 2nd day I was recoving, and the last two days went by in a freakin blur. Im glad that i will be back in the dishroom tho, because I hate working on the line. It was my intention to work on letters today but I havent at all, and I know it wont get done now because I'm getting a headache. I had some yummy candy tonight, it was hersheys kisses but it was white chocolate and it had cookie in it. I need to find some of those. I wonder if they are at all stores or if its a special thing cuz my mom brought it home from my cousins wedding on Saturday. I also had so kisses that were cordial cherry..its what my mom got my day for V-day..interesting taste. I really need to stop eating all of this chocolate. I need to get this phone bill paid. I wonder why the bill hasnt come yet.


Missy said...

I'm eating a lot of chocolate too but oh well. I'm going to enjoy it for a while. I'll eventually get tired of not fitting in my clothes and go on a diet lol.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope you have a good day at work today! Hugs

Tabby said...

Hi Melissa!

I sure wish had today off also! I hope you can enjoy today at least and just think of your short week coming up. Thanks for keeping me company the other night :) Ok I have to get back to this grind.