Monday, February 23, 2009

Early Morning Annoyances

Too early in the morning to be up..7:27a.m.
Im cold even tho the heat is on
My mood..feeling..or lack of feeling..numb
Not ready for the week to start but what can you do to stop it?
I didnt even get to sleep for the whole last hour because I woke up with my dad with his heavy boots walking back and forth playing with the knob on my heater
I tryed so hard to ignore it but I couldnt any longer
Cuz the foot steps stopped but he was still standing there
So I quickly pulled the covers from my head and looked up at him thru blurry eyes and asked what he was doing
do you know what that man asked me?
"How did the heater come on when its turned off?" What? That is not the kinda question you ask somebody fresh out of sleep early in the freakin morning. I just said I dont know, rolled over and put the cover back over my head. I guess he had satisfied hisself since I was awake now. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't go back. The fact that the cat decided she wanted to play inside her litterbox nonstop until my clock went off, annoyingly telling me, there was no hope left for sleep. And guess what? As soon as I got. Snowflake stopped making noise in her litterbox! Yeah, I have a feeling something is gunning for me today. And I haven't even left the house yet. Crap, hadnt even got out of bed yet. Im scared to go to work now.


Amelia said...

Daddy would've gotten yelled at 4real and the cat would have been thrown out the window. I hate to be messed with in the morning.


(time to auction off Snowflake again, lol)

Amanda said...

(((((((((((MELISSA)))))))))))))))I hate to be messed up in the moring to.I am headed off to work myself,actullay working early for a change and dont feel like going in.LOL.I am sure everything will be ok today.ave a nice day.

Unknown said...

I have an award for you on my blog stop by and pic it up!