Saturday, February 7, 2009

Movie & Kids

Today I went to the movies to see "The Uninvited". It was really good. We got there kinda early and the earlier movie was still playing so I went and watched "Taken" for a few minutes. The part I saw was really good, so I gotta get that when it comes out on dvd. Today has been a good day. I didnt get any rest tho. So tomorrow I plan on sleeping in. I need it. Oh, this little girl that goes to the school I work at came over here tonight. She had come by earlier but I wasnt home. First, why in the world was she allowed to go walking to someones house at night, specially to someones house her parents dont know. She didnt even have on a jacket, and it was cold out for me and I like the cold weather. She said she wasnt cold. I hope she dont get sick. She said her family was having a birthday party, and she wanted to come by to tell me hey. Then before she left she says she's gonna come back more often. Huh? Why? Its cute and she seems like a nice little girl and all but her parents need to find somebody for her to play with or give her attention themselves cuz she's obviously lonely and in need of attention. I'd hate for her to seek attention from the wrong person and she ends up in trouble. I mean it makes me wonder if she does this all the time. Its some perverted people out there that like to mess with little girls..and if her parents are too busy to notice she's snuck off in the middle of the night something can happen and nobody would know it. I just hate stuff like that because so many kids go missing and end up dead and alot of others are abused in sick horrible ways..its scary. I mean I have to be careful myself walking at night, a little girl shouldnt be out at night by herself. I dont know. That got long winded, lol. I guess it just bothers me. You never know what can happen.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Glad to hear you had good day. Hope you get all the rest you need.

Cheryl said...

That's shitty for the kid. I hate irresponsible parents.

Tabby said...

I cannot believe her parents! How could you let your child wander away with out noticing or caring?? I am glad though you had a good time at the movies.