Friday, February 20, 2009

Kids trying to be Grown

Today at work was rough. we had someone out again today which always puts more work on me. Im so glad its over with. Im tired and I need some rest. Im gonna force myself to do my hair tomorrow and get it over with. And maybe I will take some pictures. I dont know. When I was on my lunch break today at work, one of the para-pro's came up to me and tells me that one of the little boys in here kindergarden class got suspended for making a sexual gesture with his hands. You know how some people will make a circle with there fingers and move another finger in and out of it..thats what the kid supposedly did and she said he was hunching on a little girl. But thats not the worst part. Then she tells me that the boys older brother who is in the 4th grade got suspended today too because of a note he wrote to a girl. Later the same lady comes up to me and shows me a text another teacher sent to her telling here what the note said. So she hands me her cell phone to show me the text message..the message basically said that in the note the little boy wrote that he wanted to eat this girls pussy and f*ck her in the a**..not my words, just sharing what I read...look I even added little stars to make it not look so...nasty..but anyway, I was like dang, those are grown man later when im cleaning up the dishroom, I find the note on the floor. Apparently, someone tried to throw it in the trash and missed. Now the dishroom floor was all wet..and so was the note..well, cuz it was on the floor. But I still was able to open it and read it..even tho it started to tear. What the note actually said was this: (Keep in mind a 4th grader wrote this) To:Juicey (why is a 4th grade girl name Juicey?) From: Turk aka: Sexy (and how is a 4th grade boy named Sexy?)
****Sorry..on to the note**** Baby, I love your body and your sexy eyes. When I look at you I think that I got the best looking girl in the world. My d*ck ready but is your p*ssy?You need to let me know when, where, what time. I love you.

Juicy & Turk


****End of note****

But you know, after they caught a 4th grade girl bent over in the boys bathroom, getting in from behind by a forth grade boy, I am not surprised. Ugh....I just dont get why kids want to be grown so freakin fast.


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((MELISSA)))))))))))))))))That is so terrible,as sad as that is,I can see that happening,due to things are so diffrent when we were little.I bet the boy feels bad now,since He got suspened.I would love to see your hair when its done.I hope you got some rest.

Missy said...

WOW! I dunno what else to say... these are little children!

Tabby said...

Holy moly I do not even know what to say. How old are you in 4th grade??? How do they know about stuff like that? I am so glad I do not have kids I would be a nervous wreck.