Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was given the "Sexy Blogger Award" By Sharon of Life is a wonderland. Thank you so much! Actually this award was given to me for my Story Journal, but since only a few people read it I wanted to share it here.

List five things about yourself that YOU think makes you SEXY!
Ok, I have to change the rules on this a little bit because..well, I dont really think of myself as sexy. So im going to name 5 things that people have told me they think is sexy about me.
1. My eyes. I have been told I have sexy eyes..even heard I have bed room eyes. (whatever that means)
2. My smile. I've been told that my smile is sexy. (I can almost see that..sometimes)
3. My body. Ive been told I have a sexy body or sexy shape. (still dont understand that one)
4. My voice. People tell me I have a sexy voice. do. (I dont like my voice)
5. My Stories and Poems. Ive been told that some of my stories and poems are sexy. (I can actually see that...cuz I can really go there when I want to, lol)

My picks:

Another award given to me for my story journal by Sharon (thanks girl!) "Addicting Blog Award".

List 7 things you do on a regular basis that could become an addiction.
1. Drink Coca-cola (yeah, already an addict Coke is the real thing! LOVE IT!)
2. Being on the computer/Online (past addiction)
3. Watching movies (hmm, yeah..already there. I love! Love! Movies!)
4. Eating (This really is something I have to do, but I do think it can become additing)
5.Popping pills ( I hope it never becomes an addiction but Ive been doing alot of that lately)
6. Daydreaming ( I seem to do alot of this recently too, guess its not a bad thing)
7. Reading ( I used to be very addicted but slowed down, I think its coming back)

My picks..

And last but certainly not least. I got the "Look how cool" award from Alvia of ADM Designs. Thank you so much!

I'm supposed to pick 8 blogs and pass it on to them.


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Thank you so much melissa for giving me these awards. You are a very sweet person and very clever with your designs. Thank you for reading me and I am glad you enjoy my little blog world.

(Hugs) Cherie

Erin said...

Hey, thanks! :-) Looks like you're quite the popular girl!

Errant Gosling said...

Congrats on the awards!

Missy said...

Congrats on the award girl and thanks for mine!

Tabby said...

Congratulations you sexy thang!!!


shaken AND stirred said...

Thank you for all the awards! You're too sweet!