Sunday, February 22, 2009

Broken Poetry

Sometimes emotions run so deep
down the hills and slopes, so steep
leaving you panting feeling like its your last breathe
frantically worrying for your sanity and health
what do you do, when you dont know what to do anymore
where do you go, when theres no open door
who do you lean on when noone understands
When your heart falls, where does it land

Anxiety waits and creeps apon your soul
like an invasion of something stole
left abandon at the bottom of the see
no idea where on earth you should be
in a world that doesnt love you
lost and unsure what to do
when panic sets in you let out a scream
then you pass out and hope it was all a dream

Tomorrow comes even tho your not ready
You must continue to stand even tho your legs are unsteady
You must keep going all tho it hurts to move
So you try your best to get into a grove
Only to be thrown a curve ball to get you off course
Angrily looking for the source
You slowly began to fall behind
Time you cant continue to find
To stop and get yourself together
Counting on people is like counting on the weather
But you keeping moving you have no other choice
While stumbling and falling and loosing your voice
You continue on, grasping at hope
Up and down the slippery slope

I dont want to look, I dont want to see
That reflection looking back at me
I try to hide it the best I can
Things never work out the way I plan
Someone always comes along
Your forced to play your sad song
And open up that old sore
Many times ripped and tore
The memories, they still burn
And your stomach still turns
So I dont want to look, dont want to see
Sometimes I simply just dont want to be


Unknown said...

hope thats not something your going through

Great poem

Amelia said...

Wow! Melissa, that poem was amazing and something that I can relate to 100%. Do you mind if I copy and paste that into my private journal just to hang on to because I like it? I'll put your name on it. Let me know.