Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My favorite song for today is called "Halo" By: The PussycatdollsI like this song alot because, well not only is it purty, but I can relate to it.

I can make love feel just like heaven
I can be a little devil in bed and
Even clean and cook your breakfast
But i'm not perfect, i
I can take off when need your time
I can cheer lead for you on the sideline
Whisper in your ear so divine
But i'm not perfect, i
Hope you can forgive me baby
For all the mistakes i've made
Be patient with me, babe
I'm just tryin' to make my way
I'm not a superhero
Sorry i couldn't save the day
Believe me when i say
That i'm sorry i couldn't wear your
Halo, halo, halo, halo
Sorry i couldn't be your
Angel, angel, angel, angel

Those are the lyrics to the first part of the song. The way
I feel like I can relate is that. Sometimes people look at me like Im an Angel and sometimes I feel like people want me to be perfect but Im not..and there no way I can live up to that. I feel like people put me up on this pedistal, and I dont want to be there. Theres nowhere to go but down. its hard when you feel like your struggling to be this perfect person everyone waqnts you to be but im far from perfect and I cant be everything to everybody. So the only thing I can do is be the best me that I can be and I feel like when I dont say and do things that people dont "expect me to do" Im looked down on. Its just a struggle walking around all the time with this crooked halo on, that Im constantly trying to straighten.


Errant Gosling said...

"I feel like people want me to be perfect but Im not..and there no way I can live up to that."

This. I know exactly how you feel. Even when you flat out TELL people you have all sorts of problems, they will still look on you as an angel. And you're so right, there is no where to go but down.

Flaunt your flawed life. I'm trying to. Our flaws are what make us interesting, and if people refuse to seem them, it's at their peril.

Missy said...

Be who you you want to be and be happy with that. I know I love ya!


Cheryl said...

You should only live up to your own standards- be the person you want to be, and not who other people want you to be ;)

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Be yourself hun, don't try to be someone your not to please others. We all love ya just the way you are

Heli gunner Tom said...

Jesus died for YOU too. Find Him while there is still time.

Warm Regards,