Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Watcher

he was watching me as I was walking and I wonder if he knew I could see him thru that glass. altho it was dark I could see..and I wonder if he could see the twist of my hips, is that what drew the attention. I think no that couldn't be, because its cold out and im covered in this big bulky coat. yet he still looks. the hood over my head conseals nothing but my hair, hes still looking. what does he see, does he think he knows me, does he want to know. he might think he wants too but he really doesn't. I look away and step back, hoping my body language speaks volumes. Its dark outside and my steps sped up, small but fast steps, I bop to the music in my ears. another stranger looks at me and asks me if i want a ride, I ignore him and walk faster. They told me I should stay home..its too dark and cold to be out walking, but I went out anyway. I understand now.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Is that something you have went through? If so be safe when out when its dark.

Tabby said...

That is scary did it really happen? If so I am glad you are safe.