Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday...come and gone

Today is my moms birthday...well it was, being its after 12am, well anyway, after work I went home and a little while later, me, my mom and brother walked to the bus stop. Got down to the bus terminal and realized we had to waitl a hour and 10 minutes to catch the next bus, might as well had stayed home, waited and caught a later bus. When the bus finally did come the man dropped off the people that were already on the bus and said he had to go get gas and took off. Took him 20 freakin minutes to get back, so we ended up being late for the movie we were planning on seeing which was, "The day the earth stood still", instead we ended up seeing "Transpoter 3", which was really good. Afterwards we went to chic-fila to eat dinner. Later tonight we had birthday cake, everybody else had icecream, I skipped it cuz I had already had icecream at chic-fila and Im not pushing it. Im lactose intolerant so I can only eat so much icecream or I'll be in pain. My mom had a good birthday and thats all that matters. Im tired. I feel like I just got home and its time to go to bed already, and I still have to wash dishes. 3 more days to go.


sober white women said...

Well Happy Birthday MOM! I am glad that she had a good day. Mom's deserve that.

MISSY said...

I'm glad yor mom had a good Birthday! *M*

Yasmin said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom.

Take care


Small Footprints said...

Happy "belated" birthday to your mom ... sounds like you all had fun!

BTW ... I'm here from "Thoughts of a sober white woman" and ... congratulations on getting her honesty award. I like your blog ... it's beautiful!

Sounds like you're soon to get some time off ... well ... I hope you enjoy your holiday vacation!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Missie said...

Happy Birthday to you mom! Send some cake and icecream my way!

Missie said...

Happy Birthday to you mom! Send some cake and icecream my way!