Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is it hate on Melissa day or what?

we got new neighbors again. I dont know what it is with those two house next to us but people are constantly movie in and out. And the ones right next door always end up being loud and annoying. On my way home yesterday some guy next door (dont know if it lives there or was visiting) was trying to get my attention and I was trying to ignore him. But he was yelling so loud I couldnt keep pretending like I didnt hear him..ugh. I really hope he was just visiting. I really dont need that right next door. On top of that his voice is annoying, when I was coming up the road I thought an old lady was in the yard talking, thats how he sounded, lol. And today while I was at work, my cell phone rings. I recognize the name so I pick up thinking its one of my penpals, and this guy asks if I called the number and I was just like, I might have accidently and he has the nerve to say "well you called at the wrong f*ckin time b*tch". Ok, I was about to go off on him, but then I looked up and noticed teachers and kids were watching me, so I just hung up..I was so pissed. That makes absolutely no sense. It must have been her husband. I can definately see him doing something like that cuz he beats her all the time...but he definately got the wrong one, he's lucky i was busy at work cuz I really wanted to give him a piece of my mind. I dont let men walk over me or disrespect me. Pisses me off whenever I think about it. Ok, now Im pissed again. I dont know if anyone knows the site called Myyearbook, but this ignorant guy sent me a fake gun as a gift on there and left a comment saying "my nigger killer". Why do people have to be that way? I left him a comment back saying he needs to stop cuz its not funny, and I told him it makes no sense for him to be so ignornant..grow some balls and be a man.


Emmi said...

What a jerk. I would have called him when I got back home & went to town on him.

MISSY said...

I sent a text to an old friend one time and he happened to change his number. This girl called me back saying asking me why I was texting her man and yada yada and cussing. For some reason I decided to stay calm with her and it's funny because we ended up texting as friends later on and on each other's Myspace.

People do act stupid though. Like if you dial the wrong number they get all smart and scream "You got the wrong number"!! It's like okay damn are you not human? Do you not make mistakes?? People are stupid forreal.


Tabby said...

Don't waste your time and energy on the ignorant people because you know they are not worrying about it. Some days everything just seems to go wrong, hope tomorrow is better!

sober white women said...

I don't get it. I have friends of all races and it does not bother me. Why is it that you and I can look past the color of our skin, and find a new friend, but other people cant.

I will say this. I raised two wonderful children who do not know how to judge someone by the way they look.

Hang in there girl.


Lainey Laine said...

Awwww Melissa so sad isnt it that there are such horrible ignorant people in this world. Hugs to you. Laine xxxx

Winivere said...

Hey, some people just aren't as sweet as us! LOL