Saturday, December 27, 2008


I ended up sleeping today longer than I planned so I woke up with that "too much sleep" headache". Im hoping it would just go away but I might have to break down and take some medicine. Plus my allergies have been acting up so I might have to take some allergy meds. I went to Roses today with my mom. I got some envelopes, bubble bath, allergy medicine, deoderant, batteries, kleenex, junk food, hawaiian punch, and socks. Im constantly trying to get my mom to come out of the store because the longer I stay in there, the more stuff I pick up. And I told her I know she's trying to spend every last bit of her money but Im not trying to spend all of mine. Im sitting here trying to watch some tapes. Because of the holiday I wont get another movie until Tuesday, I usually get one on saturday. Hopefully I can watch the new Batman movie. My brothers had it for awhile and Ive seen it at the theather when it came out but I want to see it again. While I was walking around the store I hear some man telling a boy to take his pants off to try another pair on. I mean right there in the middle of the store and talking all loud too. I didnt even turn around to look to see who it was. I felt embarrassed for whoever the little boy is. Then these other people were yelling back and forth across the store at eachother. So weird, you just cant take some people outside..I mean if someone is way across on the other end of the store, you need to go over to where they are, or wait for them to come to you. If someone yells at me from across the store I ignore them, lol.


Missy said...

It sounds like you get embarrassed easily. (Not saying it's a bad thing) BUT you probably couldn't tolerate my loud mouth in public lol.



Tabby said...

I hope you have something to watch tonight. The poor little kid!!! Enjoy your night.

Yasmin said...

Enjoy your movie and your right not to spend all your money.

I like what you have done to your page.

Take care