Friday, December 26, 2008

Walmart Woes

Well I ended up having to take the dvd/vcr back..and it was the only one that had there so I just got my money back. I really wasnt planning on going back to that store today. I had standing in those long return lines. Thankfully I managed to get in the line that moved quicker. I ended up having to sit out in the waiting area to wait on my brother who was still in line. He was in the other line that seemed to be barely moving. Then we ended up back at my grandmas house, but we sat out in the truck waiting cuz my dad said he'd be right back. Right back ended up being 15 to 20 minutes. After that we went to this store, my dad went for ciggs and me and my brother got out to get something to drink. My dad gets back in the car and he tells me the man thought I was a boy cuz he asked him if he had two sons. I dont know what the heck he was looking at cuz I know I dont look like no freakin boy. That is so stupid. Then I came home to try one last time to see if my dvd player would work. It didnt, and not only did it not work, my screwy self some how managed to let the dvd slide to the back of the player and now I cant get it back out. *Sigh* So I've been stuffing my face since and drinking coke, trying to make myself feel better. I'll let you know when it starts working.


Rose said...

oh darn that just plain stinks!!!

I am sitting alone at home in the fog drinking tea...whoppee aren't we exciting!!!


Amelia said...

Get you a screw driver girl and get that DVD outta there. If I was there, I'd get it for ya.

Nope, in no way do you resemble a boy.


Unknown said...

I dont know who the man was looking at but you dont resemble a boy in any way, Hope you get the DVD out of it

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((MELISSA))))))))))))))))))))That was rude of the man to say that,you dont look like a boy.I hope you get your Dvd out soon.Mine stoped working,my Mom got me a new Dvd for Christmas.

Unknown said...

Too bad your new Dvd did not work, I hope you get the other one to work. That man must need glasses.