Monday, December 1, 2008

The poem I forgot


Amanda said...

((((((((((MELISSA))))))))))))))))))i know how you feel about Holiday cheer,I have been stressed about it myself.Just smile,you will get it all done and before you know it,Christmas will be here.Who do you all have to buy for?

sober white women said...

I was having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, but it is starting to come. I just started doing for others and that has helped me.

MISSY said...

I was wondering about the poem lol.

I like it.

I'm e-mailing you some holiday cheer lol ;) *M*

D said...

love the poem... very nice. I wish I could send some spirit your way... I'm a bit down because I can't do anything... :(

Tabby said...

I will share my holiday cheer with you! Just stay the heck away from the store's people are crazy, do what I do and get everyone gift cards.