Monday, December 1, 2008

In a nut shell

I had written an entry yesterday, tried to save it and ended up loosing it and saving something else...yeah, something I'm very good at..anyway, so ..I guess its just lost. But what I actually saved instead of the entry was this poem I wrote. I will add it at the end of this. Im gonna try to do some letters today. Im behind on 8. I wanted to do them while I was off and had some extra time but for some reason I just couldn't concentrate long enough to do it. The first day back wasnt so bad. I was so not ready to go back. If I cursed I would have. I had to do pizza like I knew I would. Thankfully I didn't burn any, but the last one did get darker than I wanted...glad it wasnt burnt tho. The health inspector popped up. And what do you know he takes points off for the dishroom (the area I work). I thought I was gonna get fussed at but thankfully he only took off one point for it and whats weird about the whole thing is it was so trivial what he deducted the point for. Some dirt up in this crack on top of the machine and this pole way back on the inside of the machine that needed to be wiped down. Things normal people wouldn't pay attention too, I mean its like he was just looking for something to write up. The most crazy part is, I thought he was gonna write up the curtains cuz they haven't been bleached in I dont know how long. I keep forgetting to do it cuz we dont really have any extra time, Im busy the whole time im there and pushing it to get thru in time. so, yeah that was my day in a nut shell. Now im eating.

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Amelia said...

MMMM school pizza! *M*