Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more day

Its been a long week. today at work has been one of those days. Alot of those teachers are so hateful and ungrateful its sad. They make a big deal out of nothing, but you know that there always has to be a trouble maker in the bunch. Were down another person. We already been short one person for months cuz the lady broke her arm or something. I dont even think she is coming back. Now they told another lady that she cant come back until she has something done to her hand. I never even looked at her hands but they said that she doesnt have any nails on her fingers, just fungus. Thats so gross! So she wont be back until she gets that taken care of. Who knows how long that will take. Ugh, its always something. And they wont send us anymore help. Im so glad tomorrow is the last day.


MISSY said...

The fungas thing is gross. I wouldn't want anyone messing with my kids food like that. I feel sorry for her and you because they won't give you help but I'm glad they got her out! *M*

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Fungas now thats gross. Thats a bummer they wont give you help.