Saturday, December 6, 2008

Headaches & Boredom

Im mad cuz Im broke. I just barely have enough money to catch the bus downtown next week. So I guess Im just gonna have to walk home. I gotta make sure I have enough money left to catch the bus tuesday in case I get called back. Im hoping I wont have to go back the next day but I need to be prepared just in case. And if I have to be down there all day like I had to be last time Im gonna be so hungry cuz I dont have any money to get anything to eat. This sucks. I have a headache and it wont go away. I took two advils but its not working. I laid down to try to take a nap but I couldn't go. *Ugh* And on top of that Im bored.


Amanda said...

((((((((((((((MELISSA)))))))))))))))))Dont you have Christmas break comming up soon?I hope you dont have to get called back to were you you getting called back to,work?I am glad you like your gifts,even thoe it wasnt much.

Missie said...

So many people are now living paycheck to paycheck and spending pennies to get by.

Hope your headache has gone away by now.

MISSY said...

Were are you going downtown?

I hope your headache got better. *M*

Tabby said...

Sorry to hear that, being broke is no fun. Can you bring your lunch from home so you wont be hungry? I hope that headache goes away, maybe a nap will help.

Take care!