Monday, December 15, 2008

Miserable Monday

Today hasnt been all that great. I've been having allergy attacks all day. I came home to get my brother cuz he said he would go with me when I went to cash my check cuz he had to go to. I thought he had to go to the same place as me but he went to his bank, so we walked together most of the way, split up and met back up when we finished. I had to go cash my check I got from the court. I wasnt happy having to go cash a check cuz I had a feeling I was gonna have some sort of trouble with it but im glad she ended up cashing it. Thats why from now on whenever I can I'll just have my money go to direct deposit so I dont have to worry about check cashing problems. Anyway, had to cross the highway, which I hate doing...went to the bank..went to Roses, got a few things, then back across the highway to get money orders. I should have gotten my cokes while I was there but I was thinking its cheaper to get them from georges, freakin can cokes up there cost 80 cent and a 20 oz is 1.25. But I forgot that George is closed on Mondays. I ended up coming home and just crawling in bed and passing out. Not sure how long I slept but I slept for awhile..lets put it this way, it was day light when I laid down and it was dark out when I woke up. Later George called to tell us he was gonna open up in 2 hours. So my mom ended up going down there to get cokes for us when she got back from shopping. Her birthday is tomorrow, she went and spent almost all of her money. Silly goose, doesnt she know you never take all your money with you when you go shopping. I always try to take some and leave the rest at home if I have cash. I try not to use my debit card unless its an emergency. That way I know I always have money in the bank if I really need it. Ok, this is getting a bit long winded...where was I? I dont even know..and Im too tired to figure it out. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear you had a miserable Monday and your allergies were bothering you, Hope Tuesday is a better day for you

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

the weather is throwing all kinds of stuff at us that suffer from allergies.

Tabby said...

Mondays stink, but winter allergies too! Oh my that is not fun.Hope Tuesday is better.

Missie said...

Hope you're having a better Tuesday.

sober white women said...

It has been cold and crappy here. So we have all been snuggling down for a good rest.
Just think you only have a few more days of work and then you get a break!

MISSY said...

Tell your mom I said Happy Birthday! *M*